Where Some See Limitations, RFI Brings Opportunities.

RFI (Retrieving Freedom, Inc.) is a non-profit corporation whose mission includes improving the quality of life for wounded veterans, disabled citizens, and children with autism through the placement of skillfully trained service, therapy, and companion dogs.

RFI trains Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers to use their natural traits to become a perfect assistance dog.  RFI’s service dogs go through a twenty-four month training process tailored to meet the precise needs of the person with whom they will be placed.  RFI is not a “one dog for all” type of organization.  Nationally, the need for service dogs outpaces the supply, and RFI is proud to do its part to serve the needs of a deserving population.

In addition to enriching lives of recipients, RFI provides opportunities to troubled teens by introducing them to their dog training program. Teens work with dogs who have advanced into formal training.  Allowing teens to be a part of training a dog for a greater purpose has been shown to advance social and learning skills. Along with benefitting the students, the dogs encounter many new personalities and situations that will help prepare them for their job ahead.

RFI’s trained therapy dogs also serve local communities by visiting hospitals, schools, and local groups to comfort people in need and to promote public awareness.

To learn more about the contributions RFI makes to the communities it serves, please visit their Facebook page.

Each month, 4Knines makes a contribution to select pet charities. This month, 4Knines was honored to donate to Retrieving Freedom, Inc.  We ask you to consider to make a tax deductible donation to help RFI continue training its retrievers to perform a valuable community service.