Slip Lead Dog Leash 6FT Version 2

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Durable, Heavy-Duty 1/2" Thick Rope

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Unique Metal Slide Toggle

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Convenient All In One Leash

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  • Heavy Duty - 1/2 inch thick nylon rope with is lightweight, durable, and has a comfortable hand feel. Best Fits Medium and Large Dogs
  • Slip Lead - provides training feedback by automatically tightening when the dog pulls and loosens when dog stops pulling.
  • Convenient - all in one solution, no need for collar or harness. Great everyday leash for daily walks, hikes, or runs with your pup.
  • Unique Metal Toggle - slide toggle in place to help keep the loop from becoming large enough for the dog to slip out of the leash. Easy On/ Easy Off with adjustable loop.
  • WHY 4Knines? We're a USA based company with top-notch USA based customer service, always ready to help! Plus all our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 4Knines donates to multiple animal advocacy groups as well as groups that help veterans with service dogs.

Slip Lead Adjustable Toggle

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What Are Slip Leads Used For?

A slip lead is a great item to always have on hand for your dog. Because it is a leash and collar all in one, it helps make quick vet visits, car trips, and daily walks a breeze.

Like any new pet, puppies are a lot of work, but you can set your new best friend up for success by purchasing essential supplies in advance.

- Forbes(1)

So, what are slip leads really used for? You will often see slip leads used in veterinary offices as they fit most dogs and are quick and easy to use. It is a great accessory to keep in your car so that you always have a leash and collar on hand. Never again be caught without a leash because your forgot to grab it for your adventure out.

The Difference Between a Slip Lead and Leash for Dogs

A leash is a single strand of rope that has a closure on one end to connect to the dog’s collar, and a loop at the other end, typically for your hand to loop through.

A slip lead is a single strand of rope that does not typically have a closure, though it may have a loop for your hand. Instead of a closure, there is a small ring attached to the rope. One end of the slip lead is held, and the other end goes around your dog’s neck and through the ring, creating a temporary loop. A leather or plastic pull can be placed down the rope to stop the loop from increasing in size as it loosens. 4Knines Slip Lead has a unique metal toggle that adjusts to the size of your dog’s neck so that the loop does not loosen allowing your dog to wiggle free of the leash.

Essentially, a slip lead is a combination of a collar and a leash, allowing you to ‘leash’ your dog quickly and easily.

How to Use a Slip Lead Correctly

Loop the leash so that it makes a circle at one end with the lead through the ring; the hole should be large enough to fit their head through easily.

Once the lead is over their head, move the metal toggle down so that it keeps the loop at the appropriate size for your dog’s neck. You should be able to put several fingers between the lead and their skin, but not so loose that they can pull their head back through easily.

The slip lead should be placed high on the dog’s neck, just below the ears and neck.

Slip leads are very easy to use, you’ll be comfortable enough with the motions to put a slip lead on a dog in a few seconds.

How to Adjust a Slip Lead

You can easily adjust the loop size of your slip lead by pulling on the end of the lead; this will tighten it. If you need to loosen the loop, you can push the lead closer to your dog.

The loop, however, will be stopped by the leather or plastic stopper on the lead. If needed, you can loosen the loop further by adjusting the metal toggle and giving the dog more lead from there.

How to Train a Dog to Use a Slip Lead

As with any leash, you should always introduce the slip lead to your dog before you start training them on how to walk with you on a slip lead. Start by showing them the lead and letting them sniff it. Over time, get them used to you putting the lead on them, then taking it back off.

Once they are comfortable with this, you can put the lead on them and let them wear it around the house to get used to how it feels while you are gently guiding them around. Slowly progress to walks back and forth to the car or around the backyard.

Training can be done by a professional dog trainer, and you should never allow your dog to wear a slip lead unsupervised.

When You Should Not Use a Slip Lead

You should never use a slip lead if you have a smaller breed, or if you are attempting to use the lead on another animal that is not a dog. If your dog is young, or likes to pull on their lead, you should not use a slip lead.

A slip lead is great for medium and larger breeds that already know how to heal and is properly trained to not pull on the leash.

Can Slip Leads Hurt Dogs?

Yes, you can cause a significant amount of harm if you use a slip lead on a dog who likes to pull on their lead or use it inappropriately as a training mechanism to prevent them from pulling on their lead.

You may also hurt animals that are not dogs, or small breed dogs who are too short for the leash and pull it tight.

A slip lead should be worn correctly; slip leads should be high up on the neck so that it cradles the area where the head and neck meet right behind the ears, not near the middle of the throat or chest.

Are Slip Leads Cruel?

Slip leads can be cruel if they are inappropriately used. Some owners use them as ‘training’ to teach their dog not to pull on a regular leash, but this is dangerous and can hurt your dog because the loop will tighten as they pull away. This can cause damage to the spine, neck, and airways, or worse.

Inappropriate ‘training’ in this way can also cause a fearful response around walking, which should be an enjoyable experience for your dog.

Durable and Safe Slip Lead for Dogs

4Knines knows that slip leads are not for every dog, but if your dog is trained to walk well on a leash, a slip lead can be a wonderful tool that make a fun experience for both owner and pet.

If you are looking for a durable and safe slip lead made from high quality materials, with a unique metal toggle and slip ring, then shop 4Knines today.