Description Product Video Fit Guide SAFETY FIRST - We love our K9 best friends, but it's not a good idea to have them jump into the front seat while driving. The 4Knines Pet Barrier helps keep your pet in the back...
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BUCKLE UP YOUR PUP FOR SAFETY - The American Automobile Association recommends restraining pets inside the vehicle to keep them safe and to avoid distractions while driving. PROTECT YOUR PUP AND PASSENGERS – According to AAA, an unrestrained 10-pound dog...
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Dog Harness

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Description  DURABLE EVERYDAY HARNESS - Great for daily walks, training, hiking, and traveling in the car. NO PULL / NO CHOKE DESIGN - 2 Sturdy Metal Attachment Points, Front leash attachment discourages pulling and Back leash attachment for relaxed walks. No-Choke design helps...
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Ensure your pets are taken care of if you are ever in an accident or have an emergency situation at home.  The Pet Alert "In Case of Emergency" Wallet Card will alert emergency personnel or authorities that you have pets...
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Description  Plush MICROFIBER TOP with SPECIAL FOAM PADDING - provide your dog with an extra comfortable resting place. Not too thick / not too thin. Give your dog a soft place to rest when in his crate, while lounging around the...
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4Knines DOG SEAT BELT LANYARD is designed to loop around any car seat belt system to secure your pet in the vehicle. It can also be used as a short leash to help load and unload your pet from the...
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