Sleepypod Safety Harness Review

Sleepypod Safety Harness Review

Knowing just how concerned our customers are when it comes to ensuring the safety of their pets on road trips, we paid great attention to Sleepypod’s claims that their pet safety harnesses were the only ones to pass crash testing.

Considerable research on our part backed this up. Indeed, while many of the harnesses on the market had been crash tested, they had not  actually passed!

After scrutinizing both versions of the Harness – the Clickit Utility and the Clickit Sport, we felt confident in our assertion that, although there were other options out there and some of them certainly looked very robust, Sleepypod’s safety harnesses were the best currently available.

We wondered why Sleepypod had introduced the Clickit Sport after their original product, the Clickit Utility, had performed so well.  How could such a great product possibly be improved upon? The answer to this question was soon evident. While both harnesses provided a high degree of protection for our pets, the Clickit Sport was far more user-friendly, a definite plus in our book.

The one-piece design of the Sport made it really easy to secure our dogs, ensuring a nice snug fit by simply adjusting the neck and chest straps.

The Utility had proved much more laborious with its three-piece set up which required the use of latch anchors and the seat belt in order to secure our pets to the car seats. With the Sport, we simply used the seat belt, guiding the latch plate and strap through the product’s “Infinity Loop”, across the dog’s back and into the seat belt buckle at the bottom of the seat. As well as offering pet owner’s a harness that is so much easier to use, we were happy to find that the Sport freed up the latch anchors that might well be needed to secure child-safety seats in your vehicle.

In addition to being easier and so much quicker to use, the Clickit Sport accommodated dogs of up to 90 lbs as opposed to just 75 lbs and allowed for a little more movement, meaning that our dogs were able to lie or sit comfortably during the journey. Featuring a rather hard breast plate, we had often had doubts about the level of comfort the Clickit Utility afforded our dogs. The new Sport, with its energy absorbing padded vest, had been engineered to provide just as much protection but without the need for additional hardware and straps. Also, with its much lighter hardware, the Sport doubled nicely as a walking harness – very convenient for those impromptu potty breaks. D-rings on the neck strap made attaching a leash easy and reflective strips were added to keep your dog safe at night.

If you’re in the market for a safety harness with a proven track record, we believe that before you do anything, you should definitely check out the official crash test results.

Sleepypod harnesses may not be the cheapest option out there, but they are the best and just in case you’re still not convinced, consider this…the Center for Pet Safety named the Clickit Utility a top performer in 2013 and the Sport was the only dog harness to be certified by the organization in 2014.

Available in a range of sizes to fit most dogs, Sleepypod Harnesses are a must-have for all dog lovers, offering peace of mind as you head out on the road with your canine companion!

Alex and Margot BarberAlex and Margot Barber

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