How To Choose a Dog Seat Cover

How To Choose a Dog Seat Cover

No matter the fabric of your car’s seats, it’s vital you protect them from your dog’s paws. Your dog’s paws are likely rough and dirty which can cause damage to your car’s interior. In order to protect your car’s interior, we highly suggest purchasing a dog seat cover for your pooch. Not only will your car stay protected, but your pup will stay comfortable while on the road.

What Dog Car Seat Covers Protect

Did you know that the most damage a car’s interior experiences is caused by the sun? Although your pup’s paws are likely to roughen up the seats and doors, a dog car seat cover can help to block the powerful sun rays that can end up causing expensive damage. For example, leather seats are likely to fade and crack from the sun’s rays; however, your pup’s rough and dirty paws definitely don’t help the process. Rather than dealing with the damage, protect your car’s interior with a reliable and stable car seat cover.

How To Choose the Car Seat Cover for Your Dog

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you have a few different options. We offer front, rear, XL rear, cargo and split rear dog seat covers that fit nearly any type of vehicle. No matter the year, we’re sure there is one you’ll find that fits perfectly. Each of our dog seat covers offer a universal fit to ensure most seats have the coverage needed for a safe and damage-free ride. offers three different colors: Grey, black and tan. The weather-proof material keeps these covers in pristine condition for years that blend seamlessly with the interior of your vehicle. Start protecting your vehicle’s interior from first, claw marks and fur today!

The Many Types of Seat Covers


Cloth car seats are great. Why? You can wash them, and they are usually readily available nearly anywhere you turn. Plus, they’re usually inexpensive.


Weather-proof materials, such as neoprene, are a great option for individuals looking to keep their cars safe from water exposure. If you take your pup with you everywhere you go, adventure or daily errands, a neoprene dog seat cover such as ours at is your best option.


Usually made from polyester or cotton, velour is a knitted fabric that offers a soft finish and comfort for drivers and passengers, but doesn’t do much to help your pup get a grip. It doesn’t offer water resistance and won’t last as long as you’d like.

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Shop online with us today to find a dog seat cover that is perfect for you SUV, car or truck. We offer many different designs and options that would suit your needs. Contact us online today if you have any questions or concerns about our products. Our seat covers are made for dogs, and they stand the test of time. Shop for the best solution online with us today. Our most popular products include the Seat Cover Rear Bench and the Front Seat Cover.

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