4 Benefits of Choosing Pet Urns as a Memorial for Your Beloved Pet

4 Benefits of Choosing Pet Urns as a Memorial for Your Beloved Pet

No one wants to think about the time when a pet has to cross the Rainbow Bridge, but if you’re in that situation right now, you may be wondering how you’ll cope and what you’ll do for a memorial.

Choosing an appropriate memorial can help you with the grieving process, and help you carry on with your life, even though your furbaby is no longer by your side. While some people choose to bury their pet in their yard, there are many advantages to choosing a pet urn instead.

Moving Isn’t an Issue

When burying a pet in the yard, you are making it the final resting place. If you were to move, which many people do, the pet would have to stay behind. This may make you go through the mourning process all over again because you won’t be able to spend those quiet moments at his or her memorial anymore.

With a pet urn, you can carry that urn to wherever you go throughout your lifetime. As you move to a bigger house as your family grows, move into a smaller one as your family moves on, and even when you move to a final home as you get ready to leave this world, your beloved pet will continue to be by your side.

Provides Peace of Mind

your furbaby’s remains are contained safely. While you can place an urn for pets outside, most people choose a place indoors away from the elements such as wind, rain, snow, ice, and direct sunlight. This increases the longevity of the pet urn and keeps the ashes inside safe.

Even when you want to have your pet urn displayed outside, you can do so with metal or ceramic ones. These are especially made to withstand the weather, so you don’t have to worry about your pet’s remains.

Many people enjoy caring for their pet’s remains as closely as they cared for him or her when alive. This helps them cope with the physical loss of their furbaby. By having the pet urn available, it gives them a sense of peace because they know exactly where he or she is at all times.

Continues the Connection

Many people feel they need to cut off the love they have for their pet when he or she dies – this is not the case. You can carry that love with you for as long as you need and want to. To help you continue that connection, choose a pet urn.

It’s amazing how close people feel to a pet urn. Just knowing parts of your pet’s body are inside the urn can help you feel so much closer and help you continue to feel that love you thought you had to let go of after his or her death.

Your beloved pet may be leaving Earth, but he or she will never leave your heart or memories.

About Pet Cremation

Many people are opposed to pet cremation even before they learn about it. It’s important to research cremation before making a decision because you may change your outlook on it, unless it’s for religious reasons.

Pet cremation involves placing your pet into a retort. When turned on, the pet’s body is vaporized, so all that remains are bones. After this process is complete, the bones are pulverized into ashes, which is what you receive.

The pet cremation process is a very delicate and humbling one. The crematory staff will slowly and gently place your pet where he or she needs to be for the process. Many people find this to be an excellent way to preserve their pet’s body, as their soul goes off to its final destination.

We hope we’ve helped you see how beneficial pet urns can be to the grieving process. Feel free to ask any questions you may have below in the comments.

Christopher “CJ” JohnsonChristopher “CJ” Johnson

Best Friend Services, owned by CJ Johnson and his wife Tammy, offers a large collection of high-quality pet urns to help you grieve the passing of your beloved pet. Our collection includes wood, metal, and ceramic pet urns, as well as figurine pet urns and cremation jewelry. Visit our site at www.bestfriendservices.com.

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