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January Charity Spotlight on Bideawee

By madwire. | Giving Back

One of America’s first no-kill rescues. Founded 1903.

In 1903, when horse-drawn carriages still spotted the streets of New York City, Flora D'Auby Jenkins Kibbe organized a group of neighbors to keep city troughs full of fresh water for the carriage horses. Mrs Kibbe had been inspired by a trip she had taken to Paris, where she had also learned about a humane dog refuge that canvassed the city to pick up stray, unwanted dogs. Instead of being euthanized, the strays were cared for until they could be placed in new homes. Mrs. Kibbe brought this vision to Manhattan and was ahead of her time when she introduced the first “no kill” shelter to New York City in 1903, aptly named Bide-A-Wee which is translated from the Scottish phrase “stay awhile.”  

In its earliest years, Bideawee cared for injured and abandoned animals in a small building near Mrs. Kibbe’s Manhattan home. By 1909, more than 200 dogs were housed in this building and predictably, neighbors began to complain, forcing Mrs. Kibbe to rethink her operation. Over the next several years, the Bideawee animals were cared for in a series of temporary shelters. Thanks to the generosity of others, Bideawee eventually found a permanent home in Manhattan on East 38th Street, where it is still headquartered today. 

For over a century, Bideawee has served the greater New York area as the recognized leader in rescuing unwanted dogs and cats and successfully integrating them into loving, forever homes. Bideawee has remained true to its original policy to never euthanize an animal unless it is incurably ill or suffering.

Bideawee serves pets and pet lovers on their lifelong journey together by cultivating and supporting enduring relationships. Over the years, Bideawee has added several locations and expanded its range of services to include adoption centers, animal hospitals, a PAWS unit that provides critical medical and behavioral resources, a pet therapy community, Bideawee U (a learning center for pets and people), volunteer programs, dog parks, and two spacious pet memorial parks where, since 1916, more than 65,000 animals have found a peaceful resting place.  

Video (Memorial Garden):

Bideawee believes their primary responsibility is to help every person be a caring and knowledgeable pet parent. They are animal lovers, just like you! A community of compassionate caregivers, volunteers, and friends, Bideawee adheres to an established set of values dedicated to building safe, loving, life-long relationships between people and animals

  • Relationship.
  • Safe, Caring Environments.
  • Respect for Animals as Members of the Community.
  • Information Sharing and Education.
  • Continuous Improvement and Personal Service.
  • Honesty and Consideration.
  • For more information about all of the ways that Bideawee helps the animal community, please visit their website at You can also check out the Bideawee Facebook page at 

A not-for-profit organization since 1906, Bideawee cares for thousands of animals each year, so the need for funding is always growing. Please join 4Knines in celebrating Bideawee's history and investing in their future. Each month, 4Knines spotlights a nonprofit serving the animal community and makes a donation to support the work they are doing. We hope you will consider supporting Bideawee  by volunteering your time or by making a donation


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great cover

This is actually a replacement for my original 4 knines cover which was 4 years old. I used it daily (bringing my pup to work with me) and washed it weekly, so the backing finally started to flake apart and come off. This newer version is easier to put over the headrests, great improvement in the strap and closures. Also the best improvement is the side flaps, the old cover didn't have these. These flaps help to catch the dirt from dogs feet when they are jumping up into the car, instead of it going on the side of the seat.

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New truck seat cover and side panels

I really do like the seat cover and door side panels. The side panels are a must as the Beagle mix puts her feet on the doors. Every now and again someone comes up with a nice product that works well, has quality in its materials, and is well engineered. These are those. I am super satisfied.

john jones


Easy and fast install. Stays in great!! (and the dogs are happy that they get to ride along again!) :)

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Great fit, Great look, Stays in Place

I really like the look of this cover on my front bucket seat. You can't tell it's to protect the seat from the dog! It's very nice looking and fits great. Most importantly, it stays in place! My dog is wiggly, up and down, looking out the windows; and this seat cover doesn't mind. Do make sure you watch the video and carefully follow the installation instructions. I did not at first; and Support was Wonderful in helping me figure out what I was doing incorrectly.

Sherry McClurkin

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