What Food Should I Be Feeding My Dog?

What Food Should I Be Feeding My Dog?

As humans are becoming more conscious of what they are putting into their bodies, they are also becoming more aware of what they are feeding their dogs.

As a Professional Dog Trainer, I am questioned often on what I feed my dogs and what brand of food I suggest. My answer to that has not changed in about 12 years, and that is a diet specific to their breed. We, as people, have humanized our dogs so much we tend to forget that they are in fact not humans.

I rescued a red nose pit bull named Ruby in 2004. For the better part of three years, Ruby struggled with health issues that ranged from allergies, skin irritation, and foul almost rotten smelling feces. Ruby‘s feet were always swollen and raw along with her muzzle. I felt so awful as it appeared to be quite painful. One day someone introduced me to a raw diet plan for her. I questioned its validity because it seemed so unnatural to what I had known my whole life. Unnatural to me yes, but not unnatural to Ruby and more importantly not to Ruby’s cellular make-up.

I did a little research, talked to my vet (who advised against it) and decided to give it a try as we had exhausted all other conventional forms of treatment. We had tried steroids, medicated baths, salves, acupuncture, you name it we tried. At that point, I figured we had nothing to lose. After a few weeks, Ruby had a pep in her step like I had never seen before. Her coat was soft and was no longer blotchy. Her nose became a bright pink and her muzzle a nice rose hugh not the red irritated state it had been in since I found her. She became active and walked with pride, not in pain and I was no longer smelling that awful foul smell coming out of her.

After witnessing this I was a believer and sold on the notion of feeding a breed-specific diet.

What does this mean?

Dogs are carnivores, now we can all attest that they eat plants as well however a dogs diet in the wild consist mainly of fat, protein, and a very small percentage of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates usually come from the stomach or viscera of the animal it has taken down to eat. Dog’s digestive system allows for it to break down raw bones and meat, not spoiled, but raw. I am not saying that all kibble is bad for your dog what I am saying is take the time to find a good source of nutrition for your four-legged family member because we wouldn’t eat junk food every day and expect to thrive in a healthy body.

Again, I know I am a Professional Dog Trainer and have no formal experience as a nutritionist, but I chose to talk about this topic because I am seeing an increase in morbidly obese dogs, dogs with all types of chronic skin and allergy issues, and overall decline in the health and life of our pets. I want to see our dogs thrive in the bodies they have for as long as they can as I am sure you do too.

Allison DunneAllison Dunne

Allison Dunne was born and raised in Miami Beach, FL. Growing up she had a love for animals which was apparent by her compassion for the cities uncared for and abandoned strays. (She feed everything that follows her home) While her parents did not discourage this they did, however, draw the line when they found a skunk sleeping in the cat’s litter box. It was only fitting as an adult she became a Fireman enabling her to help people and animals on a much larger scale. During her time in the fire service, she was chosen to help in the rescue effort after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Upon returning from her deployment, Allison wanted to learn how to train search and rescue dogs. In her quest to do so, she noticed a trend in rescue groups as well as people abandoning their pets. There was an alarming rate of how many dogs were being taken to shelters and euthanized. Allison’s mission shifted drastically once she realized this tragedy. She made the decision to retire from the Fire Service in 2015 to further her quest to help people have better more loving relationships with their furry friends by starting Dunne Right Dog Training. Today Allison along with her sidekicks Ruby and Monster are sharing their knowledge and passion for keeping these loving dogs in their happy homes furever.