Traveling With Your Dog

Traveling With Your Dog

Traveling with dogs can be hectic, especially if your dog is new to riding in a vehicle or is so excited they get to go somewhere with you that they’re all over the place. If you look in the rearview mirror and your dog is giving you high blood pressure from their behavior, it may be time to learn some of’s tips for traveling with your dog.

Tips To Travel Safely with Your Dog

1 Purchase a dog seat cover to eliminate slippage.

Although your dog’s paw pads are likely grippy, it can make a difference if there is soft and grippy material under their toes. Plus, when you are riding with your dog, you’ll want to protect the material of the seats by making sure they’re covered with a durable dog seat cover available from Available for any make and model vehicle, you can purchase an affordable, washable and sustainable seat cover for your pup that will not only benefit you, but your dog as well.

2 Purchase a car-safe crate.

If you have young children riding in your car, or you have multiple dogs, it may be in your best interest to purchase car-safe crates for your dog(s).This will help to protect your dog in case of an accident, and it will also keep them from jumping on your children’s lap or taking over the front seat. A loose dog in your car could be dangerous depending on whether or not you have extra cargo, such as kiddos riding with you.

3 Buy a divider.

If you drive a hatchback vehicle such as an SUV, there are certain dividers you can purchase to keep your dog’s freedom alive and well, but keep them separated from the rest of your car. This is perfect if you don’t like keeping your dog in a crate, or if you have multiple dogs who would rather just get some shut eye until they arrive at their final destination.

4 Start by traveling short distances.

If your pup has travel anxiety, it’s important you start by traveling with them to short destinations. How short is short? Well, your first trip, for example, could be driving around the block with them. Your second trip could be a five-minute drive to the nearest park. The more you drive with them, the better their behavior will become. In order to get them to behave well during the car ride, be sure you reward them with treats before and after the trip!

5 Bring food, water and potty bags.

Whether you’re driving a short or a long distance, your dog always needs to have emergency supplies just like you. Make sure you bring a bottle of water for them, a water bowl, food and potty bags. You never know when your dog will need to do their business. As a side note, make sure your dog has their collar with updated tags on at all times, and you have a leash for when it’s time to be taken out of the car.

6 Don’t leave your dog in the car.

We’ve heard the horror stories of dog owners leaving their pups in their car on hot and humid days all around the country. Don’t be that owner. If you have to leave your dog in your car, make sure you don’t do it for longer than a few minutes, and that the temperature outside is 60 degrees or cooler. You should always be leaving the windows cracked to allow airflow. Just remember, the temperature inside the car will elevate quickly, especially in the summer. If you know you’re going to be leaving your dog in the car more often than not, leave them at home.

7 A harness or seat belt may be advised.

If you own a small dog, a dog seat belt or harness may be the perfect solution to dangers smaller dogs face in a case of sudden braking. The smaller the dog, the easier they’ll be tossed back and forth when the brakes are applied.

8 Place their favorite chew toys and treats in the car.

Your dog may need some entertainment while riding in your car. If this is the case for your dog, it’s advised that you bring a few chew toys, such as a bone or stuffed animal in the back seat with them so they feel more comfortable while on the drive.

9 Keep motion sickness in mind.

Although it’s not very common for dogs to experience motion sickness, some are prone to it. Be sure your dog is content with riding in a car. If they often get sick when traveling, we suggest you keep from feeding them or giving them water for a few hours in advance.

Shop online today with to purchase a dog seat cover you’ll love. Make traveling with your dog safe and easy by following today’s tips. Shop with us now and contact us if you have any questions or concerns. While you’re here, feel free to learn more about our dog travel items by searching our website and reading our past blog posts. We’re always posting updates about the latest dog technologies we carry, as well as some of the most useful blog topics dog owners would like to learn.

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