How to Keep Your Pup Safe in the Summer Heat

How to Keep Your Pup Safe in the Summer Heat

Okay, so it’s pretty obvious that we are excited about summer. With so many new adventures to be had, it’s hard not to get excited about spending some quality time with your pup.

However, as summer temperatures start to climb even higher, it is important that every pet owner knows how to protect their pet during the summer and how to keep them cool and healthy.

While You’re At Home

Let’s face it, we have jobs. So, while we would like to, the majority of us cannot stay home with our pups all day. This means that there is a very good chance that your pooch will spend a lot of their day outside. Anytime your pup is left outside during the summer, it is important to ensure that they have access to plenty of shade and water. The shade from a tree or a deck offers protection from the sun’s harsh rays and helps keep them cool. On extremely hot days, you may want to consider adding ice to your pup’s water to help keep it cooler longer.

Out on Your Adventures

What about when you and your pooch go on that summer hike? On hot summer days, it is important to carry water with you for your pet. Whether you are just going for a stroll around the block or going to play ball in the park, your pup will very quickly dehydrate if they do not have access to water. So, before you pack up your car seat covers for dogs and anything else you may need for your trip, be sure to grab plenty of water for you and your furbaby.

While you are out and about and having fun with your pup, it can be easy to forget about seemingly little things such as water. However, this can be very dangerous for your dog. Be sure to be smart while on your summer excursions.