How to Find and Hire a Pet Care Professional

How to Find and Hire a Pet Care Professional

Recently I took the decision to leave a job in retail to become a self-employed Dog Walker and Pet Sitter. I love the idea of spending the day walking and providing care for a variety of different pets and I feel privileged that people trust me with their pets’ welfare whilst they are away on holiday or at work.

More and more people are choosing to opt for this type of care for their pets when they go away for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, ALL pets are different. What one animal likes, another may hate and this is one of the great benefits when you hire a professional pet sitter. Usually, a Professional Sitter will conduct a meet and greet beforehand where you are able to go over any details or specific requirements your pet may have.

You are in control of what care your pet receives when you are away; how many walks they receive, what they are fed, routines that need sticking to etc.

During this time, the Sitter is able to meet the pets themselves and take any information off you that they might need such as vet details and an emergency contact. A Pet Sitting service can be invaluable to those of us with dogs that are reactive, nervous, fearful or that suffer from Separation Anxiety and Phobias.

Importantly, by hiring a Pet Sitter to look after your pets, they are able to stay in their home environment. This means they don’t have the added stress of being in a new environment. They are able to sleep in their own bed, play with their own toys and roam about in their own garden. By allowing a Pet Care Professional into your home you are able to keep your pet’s routine as it would be if you were there. Many dogs are fed at a set time, are used to going to bed at set times and getting up to go the toilet at certain times. All of this can be agreed with your Pet Sitter.

Rather than asking your friend, neighbor or a family member to care for your animals whilst you are away, by hiring a Professional Pet Sitter, you can guarantee that your pets will be well looked after. Your pets will receive one on one care and attention and the Sitter can even take your pets to appointments such as at the vets or groomers for example. Some Pet Sitters usually offer dog walking too, so if you wanted your dog would be able to go along to group walks and will be able to socialize with others whilst you are away.

Another benefit sometimes forgotten about is the fact that many pet owners feel their houses are safer with someone staying in them for the duration of their holiday or work hours.

There are obviously benefits to hiring a Pet Care Professional but like when hiring anybody, ensure you do the research first.

Check out their websites, their social media and read as many reviews that you can. More importantly, be sure to check that the company or person that you are hiring has insurance that covers things such as transporting your pet, walking your dog on/off lead, and even holding a copy of your keys. Check if they hold any pet related qualifications such as Diplomas or Degrees in Animal Care or Pet Behaviour or if they are a member of an associations or organizations. Some Pet Sitters even have a CRB check done to prove to their clients that they can be trusted in people’s homes.

Hiring someone like this to look after your pets can be a great comfort to you when you go away. Some Pet Sitters will provide your dog with a variety of mentally stimulating activities as well as walks. Others have some experience with training dogs and can work on certain behaviours whilst you are away. A great way that many Pet Care Professionals keep in contact with pet owners is via their social media page. A good Sitter and Walker will regularly post videos and photos of your pets enjoying themselves whilst you are away. This means you are able to keep track of your pet from wherever you are.

Jayde DaveyJayde Davey M.ISAP CTDI

Jayde Davey M.ISAP CTDI – I am an aspiring dog trainer, supporting positive reinforcement methods. I currently am studying an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management and have just passed my test to become a Certified Trick Dog Instructor. I have my own blogsite with connected social media and I also run a Facebook Dog Trick group where I help people to teach their dog lots of fun tricks. I am a member of ISAP or the International Society for Animal Professionals and also have a diploma in small animal care. I own a deaf Dalmatian called Logan who I do most of my training with; he knows lots of tricks like take my socks off, fetch my a tissue and wipe your feet but I also regularly work with a miniature poodle, a cocker spaniel, a jack Russell and a border collie. I one day hope to become a professional dog trainer.

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