8 Things New Dog Owners Forget to Do

We’re sure over the course of your internet life, you came across so many do’s and don’ts for new dog owners and it causes people to get even more lost with the whole process.

Dog Owners Tips for Proper Parenting and Dog BehaviorEveryone has their own techniques that work based on the owner and the pets. Each one is different in what training tips work. So we have come up with some things that we see pet owners don’t start training on right away.

Here Are Some of the Mistakes Most New Dog Owners Do:

1. Owners Forget to Start Potty Training Right Away

It’s easier to teach dogs tricks like this at a young age so start this as soon as you can!

2. Owners Don’t Set Limits Right Away

Yes, they are adorable but you have to set ground rules and you have to teach them about it.

3. Owners Don’t Have the Proper Items for When the Dogs Comes Home

Get the right supplies that you need before everything else. Be prepared.

4. Not Spending Quality Time With Your Pet

Establish that good connection and relationship early on to gain your pup’s trust.

5. Not Starting a Good Diet for Your Pup

Figure out the right food to feed them, ask a professionals advise to get the best for them.

6. Not Practicing Their Socialization Skills Right Away

Bring them out and let them play with other dogs or interact with other people

7. Not Rewarding Your Pup for Good Behavior

Don’t forget to give them rewards as this will encourage and motivate them to keep on doing the right things.

8. Not Introducing Your Pet to Different Surroundings

Aside from socialization, it’s important that your dog to know that there are more to explore other than the loving home that they are in.

So with this, make sure that you are working with your pet on training the moment they come into your home. It will pay off later. So let’s talk about rewarding your pet! It will let them know that you appreciate what they are doing.

We all know that the reward system, when demonstrated correctly, is effective to train our dogs. Proven by science, positive reinforcement works better than a negative one. Not only for dogs but for humans as well (we know this!)

Fear works on getting something done but it will make your pets intimidated and afraid of you therefore sacrificing the relationship between you and your dog. This can also result to a dog who doesn’t like to be handled.

Giving your dog rewards on a job well done will make them feel happy and cause them to do better and feel motivated all the time, even when they are not being trained. This will also increase the bond between the parent and the dog.

This being said, this should be properly executed and a pet parent must still know how to balance things out when training their dog. Not everything should be rewarded and bad behavior should never go unnoticed.

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liz illg

Liz Illg

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