Top 5 Misunderstood Health Issues With Dogs

Top 5 Misunderstood Health Issues With Dogs

Dogs are way more than our pets; they are our companions, our dearest friends, our four legged little children, and members of our families.

We love them and take care of them, and they love us back with immeasurable love. When you love someone that much, it is only natural you get worried about their health. Sadly, sometimes people overlook and misinterpret certain signs that there is something wrong with their dog, and this can lead to health complications.

Infectious Diseases

Dogs can be very sensitive to bacteria, and the can easily catch salmonella, Escherichia coli, and even ringworm. While ringworm presents in a form of crusty rashes you shouldn’t miss, Escherichia coli can cause your dog to experience diarrhea and vomiting. In the beginning it may seem to you that your dog had probably eaten something bad, but if signs persist make sure you get to the vet before he dehydrates. What is more, you might want to check up on your health too, since these infectious diseases can be passed between pet and its owner.

Weight and Appetite Change

Change in appetite is not difficult to notice, since your pet probably spends a lot of time wagging its tail and poking its nose around the dining room table whenever there’s food around. You will probably notice if your dog starts eating less, but what if their appetite is unchanged and they start losing weight nevertheless? That one is a lot more difficult to miss, and it may be a warning sign that something is amiss. Take your dog to the vet and tell them what you have noticed without hesitation.

Change in Habits

Your strong and independent dog has suddenly started to crawl into your lap, or it has changed its favorite sleeping place and position? If you have a very cheerful and lively pet and it starts acting all lazy and sleepy all the time, it might be a sign of something deeper. If your dog has started acting like a lazy old man, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be changed or improved. Hills Science Prescription is a quality dog food brand made especially for older dogs that have started changing habits and sleep patterns. It will give them more energy and boost their immune system as well.

Dental Hygiene

When your teeth hurt, you go and see your dentist, but dogs cannot tell you they’re in pain, so keep an eye for early warning signs: change in appetite and swelling of the face. Bad teeth are usually caused by bacteria which can spread through the system and even cause kidney and liver failure. Not taking care of your dog teeth can end up very badly, some dogs even have to have their teeth pulled out because of the bad state they’re in. Brush your dog’s teeth on regular basis to make sure they are healthy.

Hot Spots

Hot spots is a serious infection which can get worse if not treated on time. Terrible odor, pus, and red, warm, and painful spots on a dog where their fur starts falling out are all signs of hot spots. Anything that causes even a minor itch can cause a hot spot, so anytime your dog starts scratching for a suspiciously long time, and biting and licking the same area, you should check it out.

While some people tend to overreact and run to the vet the moment their dog sneezes, there are also those who believe they know their pets so well that they are sure they will notice any sign of disease. Don’t overlook any health issue, no matter how insignificant it appears to be; your dog cannot tell you when he feels bad, so you will have to be alert and look for early warning signs so that your dog stays healthy.

Emma LawsonEmma Lawson

Emma is a teacher, constantly improving her skills both as a teacher and as a parent. She is passionate about writing and learning new things that can help you to lead a quality life. All necessary information about pet care you can get from experts, like at Stefmar shop, or anywhere near you. You can follow her on Twitter @EmmahLawson

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