Tight Budget? 7 Money Saving Tricks to Trim Costs Without Compromising Your Pet’s Health

Tight Budget? 7 Money Saving Tricks to Trim Costs Without Compromising Your Pet’s Health

Sniff Around for Quotes Without a Paid Visit

Did you know the majority of veterinarian offices offer quotes on procedures over the phone?

Information is often available about routine annual exams and emergency situations at the tip of your fingers. In order to find and keep the best care for your fluffy friend, compare fees to ensure your best deal. Keep in mind, emergency surgery that requires anesthesia can cost a pretty penny, always be prepared.

Attack Health Issues Before They Become a Major Problem 

If you notice that your aging dog doesn’t have as much pep in his step, is limping, or showing other signs of pain or discomfort, address it early to avoid further deterioration of joints and ligaments. Dysplasia in the joints (often hips, knees and elbows) can be treated non-surgically with acupuncturelaser therapy and prolotherapy. If you don’t treat these common ailments traditional veterinarians recommend surgery which can cost several thousands of dollars.

Dig for Hidden Discounts

Next time you visit your local vet, request your eligibility for discounts. As a customer, you can receive discounts depending on the amount of business you attribute to the veterinarian office or even your age. Multiple pets can be expensive. Ask about bring them for a group check-up, saving you both time and money!

Take a Bite Out of the Cost of RXs

Medications for your pets can be costly, but there is a solution if you’re on a strict budget. The first step to saving is requesting a prescription instead of the medicine. Some vet offices mark up prescriptions by up to 100 percent. Cut costs by getting prescriptions directly from the pharmacy. If any substitutions are made, make sure to always run them by your Vet before administering to your pet!

Unnecessary Vaccinations Can Take a Walk

Booster shots performed too often can cause harmful conditions such as sarcomas in cats or even autoimmune hemolytic anemia in dogs. Before spending on routine shots, confirm that they are actually necessary. Consider lifestyle: if your cat never steps foot outside and doesn’t mingle with strays, you may want to skip the vaccine for feline leukemia.

Sniff Out Low-Cost Care

The Human Society and Animal Care and Control or ASPCA offer low-cost pet health-care and provided by a veterinarian such as required vaccinations, neuter and spay procedures. You can also go online to www.spayusa.org for referrals for affordable spay/neuter.

Learn Some New Tricks – Easy Grooming for Any Pet

Many owners in the New York City Area can attest to paying more for their dog’s monthly cut, then their own haircut. Local veterinarian offices offer DIY grooming tutorials, such as how to clean Fido or give him a fashionable cut. The great world of YouTube can be a great resource for perfecting your skills of DIY grooming.

Dr. Babette Gladstein

Babette Gladstein, DMV, makes house calls and offers non-surgical and alternative solutions for all animals, but specializes in geriatric dogs. For a complimentary manual on how to stretch your dog, visit www.drbabette.com and sign up for her newsletter.

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