Little Known Facts About Caring for Your Pet’s Gums

Little Known Facts About Caring for Your Pet’s Gums

Almost all cats and dogs develop some type of gum disease in their life time. 90% of them die due to infection in their gums that transfer to their heart and other organs.

It is essential to care for them to help reduce and prevent gum infection and inflammation so that they can live longer and healthier. Many pet owners buy commercially available oral care products including popular chews, sprays, toothpaste etc. But, it is very important to know that most oral care products available in the market for pets either have minimum efficacy or have ingredients that harm your pet rather than help them.

For example, chews are particularly popular and pet owners buy them to help clean pet’s teeth. Even though these products provide some plaque removal or reduction, they don’t provide any benefit for the pet’s gums.

Remember that pets normally don’t die due to cavities on their teeth. They mostly lose their teeth due to gum disease and loss of bone due to gum infection. They do however develop swollen and inflamed gums over time if their gums are not taken care of properly.

Manual brushing of their teeth helps remove plaque but if they have gum inflammation is painful and will hurt their gums more than it will help. Majority of commercially available toothbrushes have hard bristles. Hard bristles have been known to cause recession in the gums leading to gum disease.

Commercially available pet toothpaste is full of toxins and ingredients such as artificial sweeteners and colors, alcohol and other ingredients that are extremely harmful for pets. Sprays, mostly have alcohol and artificial sweeteners that cause cavities and other bad ingredients that cause systemic problems and health issues.

We need to stop this or else it will directly affect your pet’s health.

Research has shown that Vitamin C if directly applied to the gums or sprayed on the pet’s teeth and gum area helps decrease gum inflammation that causes fatal gum disease. Same is true with human beings.

Also the only natural sweetener that is proven to be safe for pets is Stevia. Next time before you buy a product, read the label and make sure you are buying something that is helpful not harmful. You need products that are effective with zero side effects…

Always make sure you buy products that are 100% natural, organic and made of human grade ingredients. Always take care of your pet’s gums. We recommend spraying their mouth with a spray once a day and cleaning their teeth and gums at least 3X per week.

This needs to be part of their routine in order to be effective. If you help reduce your pet’s gum inflammation, you add years to their life.

Dr. Pooneh RamezaniDr. Pooneh Ramezani

Dr. Pooneh Ramezani is a dentist for over 20 years in California. In her years of practice, she has noticed that gum infection and gum disease is the cause of many lethal health concerns in humans and pets especially cats and dogs. She has done extensive research in pet oral care in the past few years. She has two kids and two dogs. She is also an active supporter of local pet shelters in Orange County.  Her and her sister, a cancer specialist have developed a line of 100% natural oral care products free of toxic ingredients for humans and pets. Check out their products at: