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Coverage for their favorite snuggle spot

Color: Black
Material: Regular (54" width)
REGULAR: Fits Mazda 3 Series, BMW-6 Series, Honda Civics & Crossovers, And More!
XL: Fits Ford F-Series, GMC Trucks, Cadillac Escalade, & Other Large Trucks & SUVs!
SMALL - Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, Mazda CX-5
LARGE - Tesla Models Y and X, Ford Explorer, Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota 4Runner, Lexus RX
XL - Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Toyota Sequoia, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator
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Waterproof Blanket for Dogs

Our 4Knines Waterproof Dog Blanket will protect your furniture from fur, drool, wet dogs and accidents.
  • PLUSH THROW – this soft and cuddly plush option is like giving your pup a warm hug. Available in Grey only. Measures 60 x 48 inches.
  • VERSATILE - provide your dog with a warm, comfortable resting place while protecting their favorite snuggle spot from fur and messes. Use to protect couches, chairs, or beds. You can even use it as a dog bed topper to help keep your dog’s bed clean and dry.
  • WATERPROOF - waterproof to protect from wet dogs, drool, or accidents.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE – easy to clean, holds up well to washing. (**Not recommended for aggressively destructive dogs, i.e., this is not chew proof**)
  • USA STAFF – Your 4Knines Dog Blanket is protected by a no-hassle 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Our exceptional US-based team is happy to answer your questions and manage any concerns.
  • SAVE YOURSELF THE GUESSING GAME - Buy the best products the first time! "4Knines - Nothing But The Best For Your Best Friend"

4Knines is committed to giving back to the animal community.
We donate a percentage of each sale to animal advocacy groups.

Give Your Pup a Warm Hug

Coverage for their favorite snuggle spot
Provide your dog with a warm, comfortable resting place while protecting their favorite snuggle spot from fur and messes. Use to protect couches, chairs, or beds. You can even use it as a dog bed topper to help keep your dog’s bed clean and dry.

Waterproof to protect from wet dogs, drool, or accidents.

Machine Washable
Easy to clean, holds up well to washing. *Not recommended for aggressive chewers.


My dog loves this blanket. Super soft and plush. Best part is it's waterproof!

— Yvette H.

Additional Dog Blanket Information

Blankets are a hot commodity in the household for their soft texture, warmth, and comfort – did you know that dogs seek out that same comfort? This makes a dog blanket one of the most important amenities you can provide for your new four-legged friend.

​​You’ve probably noticed your dog make a nest out of the blankets on the couch or choose a soft spot to lay down before they go to bed. At 4Knines, we’ll discuss exactly why this is, and why dogs might prefer one fabric to another.

Reasons You Need a Dog Blanket

​​A dog blanket is more than just a blanket for your dog. It is a source of comfort, a special toy that they can curl up with at night or to carry around when they get anxious.

A dog blanket should be comfortable but easy to clean. Unlike regular blankets, a dog blanket is dedicated to your dog so that there is never any sense of displacement if it’s used by another member of the home; it is made for your dog, and your dog alone. It’s the perfect gift for any dog lover (or dog) in your life who seems to have everything. It is like gifting them a warm hug.

Protect Your Furniture from Soggy Dogs

Outside, a dog lives their best life, running through sprinklers, rolling through grass, and tracking through mud. When they come inside, however, it’s a whole other story. Now, they’re tracking mud through your carefully cleaned kitchen and getting grass stains all over their favorite bed.

A dog blanket can quickly cover up surfaces that you want to protect, keeping their soaking wet fur from drenching your furniture right after bath time. Not only does this blanket protect your furniture, but it can help them warm up after a romp outside in the cold.

Make Your Dog’s Crate Cozy

A cozy dog is a dog who feels comfortable and secure. They are less likely to be rambunctious and destroy furniture if they are cozy and sleepy, and it can help alleviate anxiety troubles while you are away or during thunderstorms.

A cozy crate can also keep them warmer throughout the night, promoting sleep and helping them wake up feeling rested.

Cover Your Dog Bed

Your dog’s bed is one of their favorite spots in the house. With dogs’ averaging 8 to 14 hours of sleeping or lounging each day, they need a comfortable spot to call home.

Even if your dog’s bed already has a cover, a dog blanket can make the space even more comfortable for them.

If you don’t have a cover yet, a dog blanket helps keep the pet bed free from grime and mildew, extending its lifespan and preventing it from becoming misshapen over time. (We also recommend checking out a 4Knines Dog Bed Cover!)

During House Training

Having a puppy is great, but house training can be a nightmare. Before you know it, every soft surface in your home – from rugs to couches – can have stains all around.

One of the best ways to protect your furniture during house training is to throw a dog blanket over areas where the pup will be tempted to release the contents of their bladder. If they have an accident, then it’s no worry; simply throw the blanket in the washing machine to clean it up. Your furniture and rugs will look as good as it did before underneath.

Keep Fur off Furniture

You love your four-legged best friend, but you probably don’t love their fur when it gets all over your furniture. With a dog blanket, you can quickly cover furniture to let your pooch hang out with you while you watch television or lounge with reading material in hand.

4Knines’ waterproof dog blankets are the best choice for protecting furniture with a cozy material that dogs and humans alike will love. Choose from a soft plush reversible waterproof throw or a heavy-duty waterproof cover and see the difference it can make in your routine household cleaning.

Why a Waterproof Dog Blanket?

If there’s any essential a dog lover needs, it is a waterproof dog blanket. Not only is a great investment for your dog, providing additional warmth and comfort, but it’s an excellent choice for keeping furniture and floors free from messes.

A waterproof dog blanket is an ideal way to keep your home clean with minimal upkeep. Not only can you throw the blanket into the washing machine quickly, rather than scrubbing the surface repeatedly, but it’s easier to clean up accidental messes, mud tracks, and water bowl spills if your dog is messy.

Waterproof blankets also allow you to toss the blanket across furniture without worrying about what your dog might track onto it, protecting the surface underneath it without any soak-through.

What Kind of Blanket is Best for Dogs?

The blankets from 4Knines are all designed to be comfortable for your dog, no matter their preferences. Easy to clean and waterproof, both blankets will find a use in your home.

The reversible plush throw is a stylish addition to any home, available in grey with a white interior. This blanket is ideal for colder months, or for dogs who like to curl up underneath blankets and burrow.

The soft, cozy warmth of this blanket is like giving your dog the comfort of a hug with the versatility of a waterproof blanket.

The heavy-duty blanket is also waterproof but acts more like a non-slip outdoor blanket. Like the 4Knines seat covers, this blanket can be used on all types of materials to protect them from your pet’s muddy tracks or loose pet hair.

It is ideal for more active dogs who enjoy being outside, or enjoy smooth, padded materials better than plush.

How to Choose the Right Dog Blanket

The blankets from 4Knines are ideal for all four seasons, and any number of occasions. Simply choose which is the best fit based on your dogs’ preferences and your intended use. When shopping at 4Knines, there is no wrong answer.

Every dog blanket we provide is quality assured, versatile, and waterproof to help you stay ahead of the household chores. Big enough to provide comfort to large breeds and wrap around small breeds, this blanket is sure to be loved by any dog.

Do Dogs Sleep Better with a Blanket?

Yes, many dogs sleep better when they have a blanket available to them, especially in colder months.(1) A blanket is a great addition to a soft place to rest, like a dog bed or couch. Blankets can offer security to an anxious dog, and warmth to a cold dog.

“Depending on age, breed and how much exercise they receive, most dogs snooze for around 12 to 14 hours a day […]”

- Forbes

Blankets are especially useful during sleep when their body temperature lowers and they are dreaming, keeping them warm and feeling secure.

Do Dogs Need a Blanket?

No, dogs do not need a blanket the same way humans do not need a blanket.

It does, however, provide a beneficial sense of warmth and security throughout the night that can soothe the dog’s senses and keep them calm and well-rested throughout the day.

A blanket is especially useful during the winter months if the room they sleep in gets cold, allowing them to burrow or curl up in the soft material.

Do Dogs Get Cold at Night?

Yes, dogs can get cold at night. Dogs are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, just like humans. Their paws are especially sensitive, and a dog will seek out blankets if they are cold.

If the floor is cold, chances are, they are too. Like humans, dogs’ body temperatures also drop during sleep, which means they may wake up because they are too cold at night, even if the night air is mild.

By providing your dog with the option of a blanket at night, they can drag it onto their bed and nestle up into the fabric for a little added warmth.

Why Do Dogs Like Soft Blankets?

Dogs, like humans, indulge themselves in things that feel pleasurable to the senses. For many dogs, this might be taste or smell, but touch is another important factor.

Soft blankets can provide them with a similar source of comfort that reminds them of a mother dog when they were a puppy, enveloped in a soft blanket that they can curl up with.

This not only provides warmth, but the softness of the material provides a sense of security that can especially ease a dog who is prone to anxiety. One other tip is to sleep or snuggle with the blanket before giving it to your pup. This way it will smell like their favorite person every time they snuggle up with it.

How to Care for a Dog Blanket

Caring for a dog blanket is easy enough to do during your regular household chores. Simply wipe down any spills or stains or run a lint roller over it to remove any pesky dog fur.

Each dog blanket sold by 4Knines is durable enough for machine washing, allowing you to run it through the laundry quickly before hang drying and replacing it wherever it should go in the home.

Dog blankets are ideal for both small and large breeds, adding comfort and keeping your homes’ surfaces free from dander and mud that your beloved four-legged friend might track into the house after their outdoor adventures.

Choose 4Knines for Premium Dog Bed Materials

​​At 4Knines, we are here to provide you with peace of mind and provide your dog with a cozy place to sleep at night.

Whether you are looking for premium dog products like blankets, car seat covers, or reliable dog bowls, our products are built with durable, safe materials. Made for pet lovers, by pet lovers, you can rest assured knowing 4Knines has the best quality pet essentials for you and your dog.


1. Forbes, The Best Dog Beds That Are Comfy for Canines, https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbes-personal-shopper/2022/08/10/best-dog-beds/?sh=79658f182233