Dog Bed Slip Cover

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Machine washable

Size: Regular (54" width)
REGULAR: Fits Mazda 3 Series, BMW-6 Series, Honda Civics & Crossovers, And More!
XL: Fits Ford F-Series, GMC Trucks, Cadillac Escalade, & Other Large Trucks & SUVs!
SMALL - Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, Mazda CX-5
LARGE - Tesla Models Y and X, Ford Explorer, Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota 4Runner, Lexus RX
XL - Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Toyota Sequoia, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator
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Dog Bed Replacement Covers

Our 4Knines Premium Dog Bed Slip Cover is soft, comfortable, waterproof and washable.
  • QUILTED WATERPROOF COMFORT - Soft, quiet fabric protects your dog’s bed from accidents and other wet messes.
  • EASY TO USE - Works like a zippered pillowcase - simply insert the dog bed in the cover and zip it closed.
  • PROTECT YOUR DOG’S HEALTH – Slipcover helps protect your dog’s entire bed from household allergens, dust mites, mold, mildew, and odors.
  • DURABLE & WASHABLE - Absorbent top layer contains messes while the waterproof inner layer protects the dog bed insert. Machine washable; hang to dry.
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY - No-hassle 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee & 2-Year Warranty (defects in materials or workmanship). *Not recommended for aggressively destructive dogs, i.e., this is not chew proof**
*SLIPCOVER ONLY - Dog Bed Not Included* 

4Knines is committed to giving back to the animal community.
We donate a percentage of each sale to animal advocacy groups.

Protect Their Dog Bed From Accidents and Dirt

Waterproof Material
Helps keep their bed clean and dry.

Soft Material
Comfortable, warm.

Machine Washable
Easy to clean, keeps bed smelling nice.


They’re soft and so easy to clean!

— Tatiana W.

Additional Dog Bed Cover Information

Just like us, dogs love to be comfortable throughout the day. Which is why we often spend hundreds of dollars on the best dog beds for our best friends. Keeping your dog’s bed clean can often be a full-time job. Breaking down a bed to simply wash the cover is a pain, especially if there are multiple pieces and bolsters. Dog bed covers are a great way to keep your pup feeling cozy, while also preventing any accidents or mishaps from ruining the bed. Never again toss an expensive bed in the trash because of an accident that has soaked into the inner foam.

The 4Knines dog bed cover is the only protection you will need, whether you’re combatting drool, mud, or housetraining accidents. Simply toss it in the washing machine and let it hang dry before replacing it on the dog bed and zipping it back up. No mess, no stress, and no hassle.

Why You Need a Dog Bed Cover

A dog bed cover might seem frivolous, but a lot of dog lovers swear by it for extending the lifespan of expensive dog beds..(1)For pet owners concerned about their dogs’ comfort, it’s also important to find a good dog bed cover that has additional padding, especially if your pooch has joint problems or is a finicky sleeper. The more comfortable their snoozing spot is, the easier time they’ll have going to bed.

“While your dog can probably fall asleep just about anywhere, it doesn’t mean they have to; your best friend deserves a cozy spot that’s also designed with their health in mind.”

- Forbes

There’s more to it than pampering your dog’s sense of comfort, it’s also a matter of health. By keeping a good cover over your dog’s bed, you are keeping mites, dander, oils, and mildew to an absolute minimum.

Instead of soaking into the fabric of the pet bed over time, getting into the inner layers of padding and accruing all types of bacteria, a durable and waterproof cover allows you to wash the material before it reaches the bed, maximizing the lifespan and safety of the material.

What Are the Types of Covers for Dog Beds?

Many waterproof dog bed covers are thin and slippery, making an uncomfortable surface for your dog that minimizes the padding and minimizes the efficacy of cleaning up messes as liquid slides right off the material. These types of covers also tend to make a lot of noise when your pup is moving around at night.

Cotton quilting is the best material to keep your dog bed comfortable, but you also need a waterproofing layer. At 4knines, we have engineered a dog bed cover for maximum efficacy and comfort in one.

With a waterproof layer, messes are easy to clean up, but your dog doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort for this convenience. The cotton padding top layer provides a soft and durable material that can withstand machine washing and general wear. It also quiet when your dog changes positions or moves around.

Dog Bed Covers: Keeping Messes on the Outside

Dog bed covers are an essential part of owning a dog if you want to keep your home clean and your dog safe. The best way to extend the lifespan of your dog bed and keep household cleaning to a minimum is to keep messes on the outside.

Dogs are known for being active and messy, which means when they’re done playing outside, they’re going to come straight inside for a drink of water and a nap.

A dog bed cover will prevent that nap from getting their bed muddy or soaked from their outdoor adventures. Not to mention the layer of fur that often builds up on their bed.

The dog bed covers from 4Knines is one of the best on the market, providing superior padding and comfort for your dog, mixed with the premium waterproof and ease of cleaning dog owners deserve. Our dog bed covers come in sizes regular, large, and extra-large for different sized beds.

How Do You Make a Dog Bed Cozy?

Keeping your dog bed cozy is an important part of getting your pooch to go to (and stay in) bed. Not only does this make it easier for your routine, but it keeps them better rested for the day ahead.

You may also want to get a pet bed that is slightly larger than them so that they can comfortably curl up with additional blankets during the winter or stay cool during the summer.

If your dog has anxiety, it is important to keep their bed a place where they are happy and feel soothed. This may mean keeping their favorite toys nearby, or moving the bed to a location where they feel safer.

What Fabrics Do Dogs Like?

Dogs love a range of fabrics, and just like people, they often have preferences. You may notice that your pooch keeps on curling up with you on your faux fur blanket, or maybe they have a penchant for stealing the fleece meant for your lap during the winter.

Keeping a dog’s bed clean is just as important as keeping it comfortable.

In most cases, cotton is an excellent material that most dogs love any time of year. Not only is it most dogs’ favorite, but it’s also a material that guests would expect to see in a household, so it blends in easily with your décor and keeps your home looking clutter-free.

What Is the Best Material to Cover a Dog Bed With?

Your dog’s bed is a place where your pooch spends most of their time. When they’re not out on walks with you or chewing on their favorite toy, dogs love to spend time in bed lounging or snoozing the day away.

It is important to keep their safe space clean and comfortable, but how do you do that if they’re constantly tracking in mud or drooling all over their bed?

The best material to keep the space clean is going to be a waterproof material, typically made with polyester or another type of synthetic, durable material. That, however, isn’t enough for comfort alone. Plush, quilted cotton is an excellent material to keep your dog’s bed comfortable and enjoyable no matter how much wear and tear their bed has been through.

4Knines has combined these two materials into a single bed with multiple layers so you and your pup can enjoy the best of both worlds together. Comfortable, durable cotton quilting with an impenetrable waterproof layer that keeps moisture and spills from dirtying the bed underneath.

Finding the Right Bed Cover for Your Pet

It’s important to find the right bed cover for your pet, and for many dogs, comfort is king. Just like you would expect with a mattress, a quilted and padded surface maximizes the comfort of your dog’s bed.

The softer it is, the more they’ll enjoy lounging, making it the perfect addition to a crate or your dog’s favorite sleeping area.

You will also want to consider the durability of the bed cover when it comes to cleaning. Do you have to be extra gentle with the cover, or can you place it in the washing machine and forget about it?

Our dog bed cover is completely machine washable. Hang to dry, then slip it right back onto your pet’s bed for ultimate comfort with a refreshed feel. Not only does this keep your pet’s bed looking nicer, but it keeps it from accruing household allergens, mildew, unpleasant odors, or body oils, keeping your pet safer.

4Knines’ durable dog bed covers are quilted for superior comfort, without sacrificing any of the durable quality you come to expect from our products.

With a waterproof layer, you’ll be able to clean up pet messes in no time. Your dog will love the super soft padding and quilting, giving this dog bed cover a premium feel for an affordable price.

Specialized Dog Bed Covers

Gone are the days of throwing your pet’s beloved and worn-in bed into the washer, worrying if it will finally burst a seam and cause an upset.

Remove or replace the cover in seconds with an easy zipper closure, these waterproof slip covers are the ideal solution to dogs with poor bladder control or a habit of slobbering in their sleep.

The quilted material provides ideal comfort and security for dogs who love soft materials, adding extra padding to their beloved dog bed. Simply remove and wash or vacuum to get rid of unwanted stains, oils, or pet hair, without having to clean the whole bed and ruin the interior fluff or padding of the bed.

With 4Knines’ durable dog bed covers, you can keep their bed looking nice in your home and comfortable for your dog, while making cleaning a breeze. Shop today to find the perfect size for your pet bed and see why so many pet lovers keep on coming back for more quality essentials.


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