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Why Do Dogs Bark at Night and What Are The Best Solutions?

By RubySmith. | Dog Info Dog Training

Reasons Dogs Bark at Night and How to Curb Excessive Barking

Once you bring your dog home, don’t expect it not to bark. It is a natural thing that a dog should do. However, there are times when this habit crosses the red line. This usually happens when the dog barks excessively at night. Once it reaches to this point, you need to treat it as a problem which needs an immediate solution.
In this article, we are going to look at the reasons why dogs bark excessively at night and what you can do to stop this habit.

Why Dogs Bark Excessively At Night?

Dogs bark as a way of passing a message vocally (1). They send different messages depending on the situation. Here are some of the reasons why dogs bark at night.

1. To Guard Their Territory

Dogs tend to be very protective. They will jealously guard their space against invaders whether it is a human being or an animal. The presence of an uninvited guest in the yard will make the dog to bark aggressively.

2. Frightened / Fear

Dogs bark when they sense a looming threat. They will bark when they hear or even see something that can threaten their life.

3. Separation Anxiety

At night, you are likely to be separated from your dog. This separation can trigger depression in them and make them bark compulsively.

4. Boredom

With no one to play with or nothing to do, your dog will start feeling lonely and bored. A dog can express this feeling by barking continuously at night.

5. Looking for Attention

Dogs like courting for attention. At night, you are not always available to be with your dog or give him special treats. You will not be there to give him a message, play with him or take him for a walk. The dog may opt to bark as a way of attracting your attention.

6. Minimal Exercises During the Day

One of the benefits of physical exercise is they help a dog to remain calm afterwards. If dogs do little or even don’t exercise during the day, they will become aggressive at night. One way of showing their aggressiveness is by barking at night.

How to Stop Your Dog From Barking at Night?

Here are some tips that you can use to stop your dog from barking at night:

1. Get Dog Toys

Dog toys can help to deal with the problem of boredom in pups. If your dog has a habit of barking at night because he is bored, consider getting a food-dispensing dog toy. These toys come in various designs and can keep the hound busy until he gets tired. A tired dog will sleep instead of making any noise. Ensure that the toy has minimal chance of causing any harm to your canine.

The article on choosing the best toy for pit pulls will be useful for you, regardless of whether you own a pit bull or any other breed.

2. Do Not Reward Him

As we have already stated, some dogs bark because they want to attract undivided attention. The will stop doing so once you attend to them. The best solution for such a situation is to stop being a push-over. Do not respond to his demands.
For instance, if you are used to giving the mongrel some food every time that it barks, stop giving him. With time, he will realize that barking is not the only way to get what he wants. He will tone down on this habit. However, do not be harsh on your canine when doing so.

3. Get Anti Bark Device

An anti-bark device provides an innovative way of stopping your dog from barking at night. You can use it as an alternative to the time-consuming dog training. It is also safer than the shock collars as it won’t stress up your hound (2).

Instead of triggering some shocks, an anti-barking device releases ultrasound that can only be heard by the dog. He will stop barking after hearing this sound.

4. Adequate Exercises

Spare some time during the day and take the dog out to play. Apart from staying healthy and fit, exercises help the dog to release excess energy (3). At night, your dog will be too tired and will spend more time sleeping.


Nobody wants to have a noisy dog at night. First, it will make you lose your precious sleep. It is impossible to catch a sleep with such noise in your yard or even apartment. Secondly, you will always at loggerheads with your neighbors over the noise. You can apply the tips above to prevent your dog from barking excessively at night

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Ruby Smith 

Ruby is the proud owner of Pet So Fun. She is also responsible for the abundant content creation on the website. She knows that there are millions of pet owners looking for the right kind of information online. And this is where her expertise lies. Smith writes about pet care health and fitness along with the best pet product recommendations. There is nothing on her blog that doesn’t encourage others to create a healthy and friendly environment for their pets.

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