Yummy Frosty Treats to Keep Your Pup Cool This Summer & All Year Long

Yummy Frosty Treats to Keep Your Pup Cool This Summer & All Year Long

One of the great things about summer is getting to spend time with your pup in the great outdoors. And we at 4Knines hope you have been spending quality time out in the sunshine and romping around in lakes or pools always offers a fun adventure for your dog.

But there are other summer treats that your dog should have the chance to enjoy, as well.

What could be better than spending the afternoon at your pup’s favorite dog parkHow about a delicious, frosty treat that is both safe and healthy or your pooch?

After a long afternoon spent in the sun, we’re sure there is nothing that your pup would love more. Here are a few of our favorite summertime treats that are safe for your dog:

Frozen Peanut Butter and Fruit Treat

This is an easy and fun treat to make for your furbaby and it’s also safe and healthy! In order to make this treat, you’ll need some water, peanut butter, and fruit. That’s all, we promise. Just blend the peanut butter and water together and then pour it into a freezer tray or into any other fun shaped tray. Add the fruit to the tray and put it in the freezer for a few hours until it is frozen. Once it is frozen, your pup is ready to enjoy this frosty snack. You can even use other treats instead of fruit, as long as they are safe for dogs!

Frozen Meat Treats

This is another tasty frozen treat that your pup is sure to enjoy this summer and fall and, as always, it requires very little preparation. In order to make this tasty snack, you will need greek yogurt and cooked meat (could be chicken, beef, fish…really any meat your pup enjoys). You can also add some veggies that are safe for your pup for added nutrients. You will want to shred the meat into small pieces and then you will mix the yogurt and meat together in a mixing bowl. Then simply fill your freezer trays with the mixture and put them in the freezer. Once they are completely frozen, they are ready to enjoy.

These are just a couple of dog-friendly treats you could whip up this summer and fall. So, next time you are coming home from the dog park, give one of these to your pup so he can enjoy it on the ride home. Just be sure to have your dog seat cover on so your pooch doesn’t make a mess of your seats while eating his frozen snack.