K9 Collagen: An Effective, Easy-to-Absorb Supplement for Your Dog’s Joint Issues

K9 Collagen: An Effective, Easy-to-Absorb Supplement for Your Dog’s Joint Issues

Our dogs’ joints, like humans, take a pounding from running after tennis balls, hiking and jogging around with their pals.

Joint problems are common in many dogs and can affect them in a variety ways from minor irritation to great pain and discomfort. Joint problems can hinder walking, exercising, or any activity in your pup’s everyday life and is no fun for anyone. And, unfortunately, joint issues can start an early age making it best to prevent your dog’s osteoporosis or joint issues ahead of time. And K9 Collagen does just that and more!

Dog Joint, Hip or Bone Pain is Very Easy to Identify

If your dog is suffering from joint pain, it is fairly easy to identify as it will interfere with his movement and mobility. There are some signs you should watch out for that can help you recognize if your dog needs treatment for joint problems and include the following: awkward movements, stiffness, difficulty standing, limping, refusal to jump or climb stairs, an aversion to petting, swelling of the joints and sometimes even bad moody or bad temper from the pain.

Collagen is Vital in Maintaining Your Dogs’ Joint Strength

Collagen is a fibrous protein and the major structural protein of connective tissue in animals as well as the main protein in mammals. Therefore it is so important to maintain an appropriate level of collagen in animals for their proper development and prevention of structural diseases. And K9 Collagen was created just for this reason. One supplement a day gives your dog a safe, easily digestible way to add collagen to your dog’s diet. (Think calcium in humans).

Dog Collagen Deficiency Can Start at a Young Age

Many dogs suffer from a variety of health problems that develop, in part, due to a lack in collagen in their bodies. Dogs age much differently than humans and dogs can start suffering due to an insufficient collagen levels in your pup’s body. The effects will be difficult to notice at first, but it will not be long before you start to visibly notice pain when your dog moves in certain ways, depending on which areas of his body are being affected.


For dogs suffering significantly, you could see an increase in injuries and a decrease in mobility, but they will likely come on gradually. The problem is that you might not notice a deficiency in collagen until you see the long term deterioration which is why it is important to provide collagen supplements early in your dog’s life. And K9 Collagen offers a fabulous supplement to implement to your dogs’ diet that is effective and easy to digest.

K9 Collagen is Fresh and Absorbent

K9 Collagen uses a method called lyophilization that is a freeze-drying process that enables the supplement to maintain its freshness. Therefore K9 Collagen does not lose the properties of a fresh product as it retains all the nutritional values.

K9 Collagen is also unique in its use of salmon fish collagen (rather than animal collagen) as it has proven to be a better form of collagen. Salmon fish collagen molecules are smaller than animal collagen and can be more quickly absorbed and effective. K9 collagen is made in a powder form and it is used as a supplement.

Bone tissue is made out of a network of collagen fibers, which contain minerals building bone. Thanks to K9 collagen, bones are able to become more elasticized and help healing. And we don’t want our dogs to use anti-inflammatory drugs because the long-term use of these drugs can have damaging effects on your liver. However K9 Collagen is safe, fresh and absorbs quickly.

K9 Collagen is a necessary supplement to add to your dog’s diet!

Eva MajkaEva Majka

We love dogs, and we want every dog to have the opportunity to live the fullest and most enjoyable life possible. There are so many health problems that can affect man’s best friend, and only so many of them can be prevented with personal efforts taken by you. Some health problems that dogs suffer from are passed down from generation to generation, while other health problems are common among certain breeds, and then there are those health problems that will eventually come with old age in almost every dog. The latter are the health problems that you can do something about, and we are dedicated to helping you do that.

Over the last couple of decades there has been a significant amount of research conducted regarding the use of collagen supplements to support the physical health of dogs. And after pouring through that research and learning of all the benefits that dogs can get from salmon collagen supplements we have decided to share the knowledge.

We want our dogs to remain healthy, happy and live a long, comfortable life.  And collagen is one of the things that you can give your dog that will help maintain your dog’s health in so many ways!  Make sure to buy some K9 Collagen for your dogs at http://www.k9collagen.com.  You and your dogs will be happy you did!

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