How Pet Grooming Works and How to Prepare Your Dog For It

How Pet Grooming Works and How to Prepare Your Dog For It

Pet Grooming is certainly not a new concept, dating as far back as 17th Century France when the poodle became the official dog of Louis XV’s court (though the poodle actually originated in Germany as a water dog, it was standardized in France).

The process has of course been simplified with the help of modern technology. What would have taken a full day’s work on one dog can now be performed well within just a few hours. In this document you will find what happens during the grooming process, how to prepare or accustom your dog to grooming, and some overall pet tips and tricks!

Grooming begins with possibly the most crucial part of any good groom: the bath.

Especially for longer cuts or even a simple bath and brush, the bath is the platform for an outstanding haircut. Without perfectly cleaned and dried hair, the grooming equipment cannot perform as well, lowering the quality of the overall groom. All tangles must be released, all undercoat or excess hair must be blown or brushed out, and the dog must be dirt and grime free.

Next up: the haircut!

This is what groomers spend years studying and perfecting. With such a wide variety of hair types and styles, the learning never ends! There are fun and cute looks from all over the world to keep up with, such as Korean styles which have begun making their way through the states!

Groomers are typically up to try just about anything with an understanding owner who knows it may not look perfect the first time. A lot of skill and technique goes into the haircut, from the way the clippers are held to the way each dog is manipulated into the correct positions.

Feet at always scissored, and so can legs depending on the style. Tails are typically trimmed but can look cute shaved upon owner’s request. Then the moneymaker, the face, can be made in a variety of ways. The most popular teddy bear face is nearly all scissored, while a schnauzer and poodle face incorporates a shaved look.

If you would like a little inside look as to how your puppy or dog behaves during a bath, try and give them one yourself! This will give you a good idea as to where they are with the grooming process, but do note that your dog is obviously more comfortable around you.

Regular baths help desensitize against water, which is important so that they can be as clean as possible in our shop with no soap residue left.

The dryer seems to be every dog’s worst nightmare! Not only is it loud, but the sensation can be odd. Cotton balls are often used to make it not so loud sounding, but there are still some dogs who are convinced they are being murdered. In cases like these they are typically put into a kennel and have a stand dryer aimed at them which is not as loud or powerful as our High Velocity (HV) dryers. This is the most difficult steps to become accustomed to, and some dogs never get used to it. The lowest setting on our HV dryers is about one step higher than that of a human dryer, so as your pup comes in more often, they will learn that it’s all not so bad!

When it comes to the haircut, it can be a little trickier, since the haircut cannot happen from a distance like with the bath and dryer. Brushes, combs, clippers, dremels and scissors can all be scary tools to a dog.

Positive reinforcement training can be very effective when it comes to brushing and combing. Clippers and dremels both make weird, buzzing noises and can feel funny on the dog’s body and toes. The Hair Clipper App on Android is actually meant to be used as a prank on your friends, but can actually help desensitize your dog to the sound and vibration of a clipper! Load up the app and run it along your dog while they are relaxing, during training sessions, or even feeding until they simply do not react.

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