Multi-Function Split Rear Seat Cover with Hammock

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  • Design and Function Meet Convenience
    Patented Split Tech® Features Access Fold Down Seats and middle armrest
  • Access to all three seat belts
  • Hammock Option – provides safety and helps stop distracted driving
Size: XL (60" width)

REGULAR: Fits Mazda 3 Series, BMW-6 Series, Honda Civics & Crossovers, And More!

XL: Fits Ford F-Series, GMC Trucks, Cadillac Escalade, & Other Large Trucks & SUVs!

SMALL - Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, Mazda CX-5

LARGE - Tesla Models Y and X, Ford Explorer, Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota 4Runner, Lexus RX

XL - Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Toyota Sequoia, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator

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Color: Grey
$ 89.98
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  • Lifetime Warranty
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FULL ACCESS TO SEATBELTS AND FOLD DOWN SEATS: Our patented multifunction technology gives you full access to fold down seats while three velcro openings along the seat bottom give you full access to all seat belts and LATCH systems without removing the cove.

K9-SHIELD® WATERPROOF TECH: Special non-quilted waterproof laminate layer makes the seat bottom completely waterproof (seams are not watertight). K9-SHIELD™ is a special textile laminate developed by 4Knines to provide maximum protection for your vehicle.

HEAVY DUTY: Our heavy duty fabric is tear and ravel resistant, colorfast, and free of AZO dyes or heavy metals.

- REGULAR (54" Wide)
- XL (60" wide)

THE ORIGINAL MULTI-FUNCTION BACK SEAT COVER: First developed in 2012, our multi-function dog seat covers were the first multi-function covers ever sold. Since then we've spent a decade perfecting and re-designing our multi-function cover, to ensure you're getting nothing but the best from 4Knines.

YOUR ORDER GIVES BACK: 4Knines is committed to giving back to the animal community. We donate a percentage of every sale to animal advocacy groups.

Split Cover Technology protected by US Patent No. 9,610,877

Multi-Function Dog Back Seat Cover With Hammock

This 4Knines Multi-Function Dog Split Back Seat Cover is equipped with a hammock to keep both you and your pet safe while driving and to keep you car seats clean and looking brand new.

The 4Knines Difference

  • Design and Function Meet Convenience

    Design and Function Meet Convenience

    The 4Knines split rear seat cover features our unique patented technology, which lets you fold down seats 60/40, 50/50 split, and center armrest pass-through without removing the cover. Split Cover Technology protected by US Patent No. 9,610,877

    Learn About Our Patented Split Cover Technology >

  • High-Quality Products Built to Last

    High-Quality Products Built to Last

    Our seat covers are designed with padded & quilted fabric that’s easy to take care of and can withstand wear and tear. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all 4Knines seat covers and cargo liners.

    Watch the Material Breakdown Comparison >

  • Keeping Pets Safe, Happy and Healthy

    Keeping Pets Safe, Happy and Healthy

    Our pet seat covers feature a non-slip backing and fasten in place with sturdy seat anchors, keeping your dog safe while in motion. Our products are also free of AZO dyes and heavy metals.

Please measure to ensure a great fit.

Kelly A.

They are wonderful. We have had several other brands in the past and these, by far, are the most well made.

— Kelly A.

How to Use Dog Hammocks

A dog hammock from 4Knines is easy to install. Simply buckle the straps around the front and back seat headrests, insert the seat anchors, and if needed, open the Velcro seat belt openings to allow access to the seatbelt.

The durable non-slip material makes the 4Knines rear seat cover with hammock a great choice for keeping your dog cool and alleviating any pressure on their joints on your car ride.

How to Choose a Dog Hammock

Choosing a dog hammock can be a difficult process; you first need to measure your vehicle and ensure that you are using a hammock that will fit.

Then, do you select the waterproof option? Accidents happen, and they can be difficult to plan for.

Fortunately, 4Knines makes choosing a dog hammock easy, with regular or extra-large based on your vehicle’s measurements, and heavy-duty, waterproof material.

What to Look for in a Dog Car Hammock

Always look for a dog hammock that is easy to install or remove, durable to withstand your dog’s paws jumping in and out of the vehicle, and easy to clean for minimal upkeep.

You should always look for a heavy-duty material that is scratch-resistant, and its always a good idea to plan ahead with a waterproof material.

Easy installation is always a bonus. 4Knines’ quick-release buckle system makes installation and removal easy. Simply hose it down or toss it in the wash between car trips, and you’re all set to get back on the road with your pup.

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