What To Know About Choosing A Truck Seat Cover

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Choosing a truck seat cover can be difficult because every model and make of vehicle is a little different. Not only are the seats designed differently – for example, a split cab with a pull-down seat versus a full cab that’s all connected – but each model can have slightly different shapes to the seat as well.

Unfortunately, not only are the seat covers from the dealership expensive and difficult to install, but they aren’t durable enough for pet owners. When you need true waterproofing and puncture resistance against nervous pawing in the back seat, you should look at a few key qualities in a truck seat cover.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about truck seat covers and the different options available to you.


What You Need to Know About Choosing a Truck Seat Cover

A seat cover can benefit your truck in so many ways, especially as a pet owner. Many people, however, wind up purchasing a seat cover for one or two reasons, only to discover the other benefits of seat covers as they use them.

Even if you don’t have dogs, a comfortable, waterproof truck seat cover makes every trip a little more enjoyable. From the quilted fabric to the durable design with hidden slots for buckles and seat belts to fit through, these truck seat covers are designed for maximum comfort.


Improve The Vehicle’s Appearance

Truck seat covers improve the vehicle’s appearance compared to leaving the seats as they come from the manufacturer.

Over time, wear and tear or spills and punctures take a toll on the seats, leaving them with a faded and worn appearance.

By putting seat covers over the seats as soon as possible, you can retain the natural color and appearance of the seat as it isn’t damaged from UV rays or worn down by scratches and tears. Furthermore, it makes the seats look like they’ve received more attention and customization, making them yours.


Add Water and Puncture Resistance

If there’s anything certain about owning a dog, it’s that life becomes a little messier. No matter how hard you try, dogs love to be dirty and play in the mud. For those exciting dog days when you’re trying to get your four-legged friend into the car, but they can’t help but splash in the mud on the way in, you no longer have to worry about the mess.

Simply wipe the seat cover clean or unbuckle it and throw it in the wash. For more benefit, the heavy-duty layered material helps keep the seats safe from accidental punctures from energetic paws.


Keep Your Dog Comfortable and Safe

For many dogs, travel isn’t comfortable, which makes them resistant to getting into the car when you want them to the most. Fortunately, a little extra cushion and more space in the cab can help fix that problem. Truck hammocks are a great solution for nervous dogs worried about the comfort of the ride. With a good quality truck seat, you can help them learn that car rides can be fun.


Protect Your Seats from Dog Hair

Dog hair is the most common reason why dog people get seat covers. While a seat cover adds a certain appeal to the look of the seats normally, nothing looks good covered in fur.

Seat covers, however, make it a lot easier to clean that fur up before you have guests in the vehicle, or after long trips with your pooch. 4Knines’ seat covers are easy to install, uninstall, clean, and sanitize. We believe in quick chores that keep your busy schedule in mind.


How Do I Know What Seat Covers to Buy?

There is a recent spike in demand for dog-specific premium seat covers, especially among dog owners. (1) This has led to an increase in the options available, making these seat covers more affordable than ever, but also gives you more options to choose from.


“Rising demand for premium seat covers is influencing market players to manufacture high-quality products.”

  • Yahoo News


With an overwhelming number of decisions to make, how do you choose the right seat covers?

Ultimately, the choice comes down to you and your pooch when determining which truck seat cover is the right choice for your vehicle.


How to Choose a Truck Seat Cover That’s Durable Enough for Fido

You should always purchase a truck seat cover that is rated for heavy-duty usage and designed entirely for dogs. It should also be free from AZO dyes and other heavy metals in the fabric your pup is riding on.

Most truck seat covers won’t be able to withstand dedicated chewing or clawing, so it is always ideal to keep toys in your car to redirect that unspent energy.  If you have aggressively destructive dogs, avoid leaving them in the vehicle unsupervised for any amount of time.


Are Truck Seat Covers Worth It?

Yes, truck seat covers are worth it. By investing in them earlier, rather than later, you will save time and money on getting your vehicle cleaned to keep up with the fur and other forms of havoc your dog will bring to the back seat. A comfortable, padded truck hammock will also keep your pooch feeling more comfortable during the ride, making it more enjoyable for both of you.


Do Seat Covers Affect Heated Seats?

Yes, seat covers do affect how heating works in the seats. While it might be tempting to keep the seat warmer on for Fido while he’s resting in the hammock, it is recommended to keep the seat warmers off when you have any kind of seat cover on them.

Not only can the seat cover absorb too much heat, potentially damaging the fabric and causing the material to feel hot to the touch, but it can also collect heat between the seat and cover, wearing down the longevity of the seat warmer itself.


Choosing a Truck Seat Cover Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

With 4Knines, you can trust that every truck seat cover is durable enough to withstand even the most nervous of travelers. No matter what kind of behavior you are dealing with, a durable and waterproof truck seat cover can help you get through the trip in comfort.

Many dogs love traveling, they just haven’t experienced comfort while riding in the cab or passenger’s seat. Adding a seat cover can help provide a comforting cushion that keeps them calm for the duration of the trip, as well as protect your vehicle from wandering paws or excessive shedding.

These truck seat covers are made with a multi-layer construction that includes waterproofing layers to keep your seats dry no matter what puts them to the test. The anti-slip fabric keeps your pet from sliding around too much, with quick-release buckles that allow for easy installation and cleaning.


Every Vehicle Is Different

Every vehicle make and model has a different design and capabilities. This means that your seats may be split in different ways, allowing you to pull the seats up or down, or they could have a completely different shape that makes it difficult to fit certain types of seat covers.

It is important to always verify that the seat cover works for your type of vehicle. At the very least, it should be compatible with your seat type, as the design may affect its effectiveness.


Choose the Type that Works Best for Your Truck

You should always look for a truck hammock that makes sense for you and your dog’s needs:

Multi-Function Crew Cab – The multi-function hammock is designed for full size crew cab trucks with fold up seats.  The cover can stay in place with the seats folded up or down. This versatile design is the more popular type of hammock for pet owners because of the options it provides.

Floor Hammock™ – The Floor Hammock™ is a great way to keep your pooch safe during drives, especially if they like the wander around or lay down in the floorboard. This type of cover is designed to be used with the crew cab back seat folded up, making some dogs feel more secure by removing the chance of them falling off the rear seat.

Bucket Seat Cover – This type of seat cover is best for front seats, where a single seat is separated from others. As a single seat, these covers buckle around the headrest and fit cozily around the bottom of the seat like a pocket.  These covers are best for dogs who like to call shotgun regardless of how many times you have tried to convince them to ride in the back. 


The Material Matters

The material of your seat covers matters just as much as the style and fit. If you are looking for maximum comfort for your pooch, quilted cushion fabric is a great way to help support their joints.

Furthermore, soft materials are more comforting and enjoyable for anxious dogs and are less likely to cause them to slip around the back seat during turns like a slick material will.  The hammock section also helps keep your pup in place when you hit the brakes. 


Easy Installation and Cleaning with 4Knines’ Truck Seat Covers

4Knines’ truck seat covers are easy to install and help keep your dog comfortable throughout the trip. Depending on the model you choose, it can be as simple as hooking the hammock buckle around the headrests and calling your pup for a ride.

Made for dog lovers, by dog lovers, 4Knines’ durable construction is meant to last for a long time and protect your seats from scratches, fur, and water; all at an affordable price that beats dealership brands.


Heavy Duty Fabric for Your Pet’s Comfort 

Your pet deserves to be comfortable. With most seat covers, features like durability and construction are the focus, but they don’t work for pet owners because the dog might be reluctant to lay on the material, or they may slide around too much during the drive, making it dangerous to travel with them.

Instead of slick material that makes your dog nervous during the trip, 4Knines’ quality seat covers have a multi-layer construction. The top layer is a comfortable quilted top that keeps your dogs’ joints comfortable and helps provide your dog with a sense of safety.  




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