Types of Truck Seat Covers: Here's What You Need to Know

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There are so many types of truck seat covers on the market that it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for your vehicle.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the different types of truck seat covers available, and what you should look for when determining the right one for both you and your dog.


Here's What You Need to Know

A truck seat cover is a thick, multi-layer fabric designed to fit over your truck’s seats and protect them from damage, whether it is spills, UV rays, or nervous pawing from your dog. These seat covers help elongate your seat’s lifespan as well as keep the vehicle cleaner, as many fabric seat covers can be thrown in the wash for easy cleaning, or lint rolled while still on the seat.

Because every vehicle is a little different, there are different types of seat covers to accommodate. For example, the front of a truck may have a full cab or bucket seats.

Likewise, different makes and models can have different seat designs of the same type, so not every seat cover will fit. It is important to choose a seat cover that can fit your vehicle’s make and model.


Why Use Truck Seat Covers?

To choose the toughest seat cover material, you have to consider your needs. If you just need something to protect the seat from UV damage, any fabric seat cover will do so long as you are happy with the overall look of the seats. Unfortunately, these standard single-layer fabric covers don’t always give you all the features you need if you have guests in the car with you and are often not built for heavy use. 

Do you have kids or a dog? If so, you might want to invest in a thicker, heavy-duty material that has waterproof capabilities.

Fortunately, 4Knines has a wide range of seat covers for dog owners that struggle with their pooch’s excess shedding or excited pacing during car rides and are looking for a way to make the trip a little more enjoyable. Using patented K9-Shield technology, 4Knines Seat Covers provide a quilted upper layer of polyester blend, while giving the material grip and waterproofing in lower layers.


What Types of Truck Seat Covers Are Available?

4Knines offers multiple seat cover options for trucks.  For front or bucket seat covers there is a universal fit seat cover.  For a full bench seat that does not fold there is a rear seat cover with or without a hammock.  Most full size trucks will need an XL size for the rear seat cover.

 If you are looking for a cover for a full size crew cab truck with fold up seats, 4Knines has two options to choose from.  Both are novel, patented designs that are only available from 4Knines.  The first option for full size crew cab trucks with fold up seats is the Crew Cab Cover.  This cover is designed to cover the rear seat while still allowing the use of fold up seats.  The second option for crew cab trucks with fold up seats is the Floor Hammock™.  The Floor Hammock™ is designed to be used with the seats folded up and is attached to the rear seat headrests, covers the floor board, and goes up the back of the front seats and attaches to the front seat head rests. 


What Is the Toughest Seat Cover Material?

It can be a struggle to find the toughest seat cover material based on your needs. Once you do find it, it isn’t often the most comfortable cover, either.  Overall, out of the multiple fabric types we tested when creating the 4Knines types of truck seat covers, we discovered the best mix of both worlds.

First, we layered the waterproof coating over the polyester layer of heavy-duty fabric. Next, we added cotton padding and a non-slip layer to add comfort and traction while on the seat. After all, one of the largest complaints we see about other dog seat covers is they are not able to withstand the wear and tear from dogs and are not waterproof.  Therefore, we have our non-quilted layer of bonded 3-layer K9-Shield technology which combines these upper layers into a strong, durable layer that adds extra traction and water resistance. 


What Lasts Longer, Leather or Fabric?

Depending on how you treat your seat covers, you may find that leather lasts longer than fabric. This is, of course, if you don’t have a dog to add wear and tear to the material. Unfortunately, once leather is punctured or torn, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to repair, since the material isn’t woven in the same way that fabric is.

For that reason, many dog owners opt for fabric seat covers because it is less expensive, easier to repair, and still look nice. Adding a heavy-duty cover from 4Knines provides protection and waterproofing, which makes it more difficult to damage car seats in the first place.


Best Types of Truck Seat Covers

In recent years, there has been a strong demand for the best types of truck seat covers to reach common use. The R&D divisions of different companies are always developing new ways of manufacturing seat covers to meet consumer demand. (1) Fortunately, this gives dog owners a significant amount of sway on the market, considering most people with dogs like to travel with their pup free-roaming in the back seat.


“The [Ford] Plastics Research lab is also experimenting with coconut, sugar cane, and creating beautiful seat covers made entirely of corn, which are stylish but can't pass durability testing, yet.”


With new types of materials being discovered every year and the advancement of automobile technology and design, it’s no wonder that heavy-duty seat covers are coming into the limelight. Still, there are multiple types of truck seat covers available for you to choose from on the market, so which one is the best? We’ve covered a range of the most common materials in the list below:



Polyester is one of the most popular man-made materials for its durability and ability to retain shape well. It is also stain resistant and accepts colors easily making it quick and easy for manufacturers to produce. Furthermore, polyester blends well with other materials, making it a popular choice for bonded fabrics for a more durable layer.

Many seat covers that use polyester, or polyester blends, are considered the most affordable and high-quality on the market, especially when combined with a waterproofing or mesh layer.



Vinyl is a popular fabric for less expensive seat covers that need to withstand basic usage, and will often be used in covers that require extensive graphic design. The material has a great amount of stretch and durability to it, while providing UV resistance that many truck owners need in a good seat cover.

The downside, for many people, is the look. Vinyl tends to have a glossy sheen to it, making it look cheaply made, fake, or out of character for the rest of the vehicle. Still, it does the job if you don’t need a seat cover that can withstand a rambunctious dog.


Is Vinyl Better Than Polyester?

No, vinyl is not considered superior to polyester. Because of the glossy sheen of vinyl, it’s not common to see it in the same product, compared to the matte cloth look of polyester. For seat covers – especially heavy-duty layers that need additional strength – polyester is a great fabric to use.  

Furthermore, polyester is similar in affordability, which makes it an easy choice for manufacturers looking to reduce production costs, but who don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the final product.



Typically, mesh is a secondary fabric in many seat covers because of the flexibility it provides a lot of covers, and adds extra breathability to the fabric that might not otherwise be available. It, however, doesn’t protect the material underneath it as well, which is why you won’t see any seat covers with only mesh material.

Mesh is tear-resistant, mildew-resistant, and lightweight. This makes it a popular choice for adding padding. The downside is that it can be more expensive to create a product with added mesh, especially if you are using a polyester mesh or other stretchy and durable type of mesh that won’t slide around on the second layer.



Leather is considered one of the most luxurious types of materials, but only because real leather comes from animals and is considered a commodity in a world of artificial fabrics. Unlike fabric, however, leather is not woven. Because it is the tanned skin or hide of an animal, it provides an extra layer of protection and waterproofing to the seats.

 In many new vehicles, the leather may be the default seat material that you are working with. Many people choose to cover these seats with a polyester fabric with added grip to add extra comfort to the ride, even for passengers.  Dogs tend to enjoy fabrics over leather as well, as they don’t stick to the fabric as much.


Why Leather Won’t Stand Up to Your Dog’s Claws  

A lot of places will tell you that your leather furniture and seat covers can withstand your pup’s claws. If it is high-quality real leather, there is a good possibility that you can get away with having leather seat covers. If your dog is prone to walking around a lot on the seats or gets anxious on car rides, however, it can be a tough battle to keep your seats looking their best.

Over time, leather wears down and tends to fade or thin out in areas of heavy use. If the leather has been treated with any kind of dye or oil, it may also fade in color. Leather also requires a lot more upkeep and maintenance to keep it durable and conditioned.



Neoprene is a slick material that was created to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle, lasting longer than many other materials that came before it. As a point in its favor, it is also one of the most affordable options on the market today, making it common for use in fabric seat covers.

Fabric seat covers today are up to five times more durable than they were previously, and don’t hold onto odors as much. Neoprene is also used to make other materials like wetsuits. The downside? It’s not very puncture resistant, meaning if your dog accidentally punches a hole in it, it’s difficult to repair.


Choosing Seat Covers That Will Last Even With a Dog

Now that you’ve learned more about the different types of truck seat covers available, it’s important to choose one that lasts even in the presence of a dog. Many popular seat covers tend to wear down over time because they don’t have a durable multi-layer construction like the ones at 4Knines.

The polyester fabric is soft on dog paws and cushions their joints while you travel. Meanwhile, the inner waterproofing layers prevent accidents, spills, and post-bath shakeouts from damaging the truck interior.

Able to fit multiple types of cab or seat configurations, these available seat covers won’t snag or tear from accidental slips or nervous pawing, making it the perfect comfort companion for dogs who don’t like to travel or enjoy moving around in the truck while you drive.



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