Floor Hammocks™ for Crew Cab Trucks: How to Choose What You Need

4Knines Floor Hammock

Have you ever considered setting up a hammock in your truck? It sounds like a radical solution to a simple problem, but truck hammocks are growing in popularity for their ease of use and cleaning.

While it might not be a traditional hammock that you might set up on a lakeside, the functionality is the same, providing a moderate amount of suspension that keeps your pet safe and protects your vehicle from scratches and fur.

Never worry about your pup falling onto the floorboard again. With hammock covers, you can help reduce your dog’s nervousness during trips and provide maximum comfort.

A Floor Hammock™ is a type of seat cover that attaches to both the back and front headrests of a vehicle. The fabric drapes down the back of the front seat, across the floor of a crew cab truck, and up to the rear seat headrests with the rear seat folded up.  The dog will be allowed to roam without worry of shedding or scratch marks on any part of the truck and will feel stable and secure with all paws on the floorboard.

Created for dog lovers, by dog lovers, the 4Knines Floor Hammock™ is created with heavy-duty materials free from any harmful dyes or heavy metals in the fabric, helping you keep your pet safe no matter what happens on the road.

It’s no secret that your dog is a part of the family, so it’s natural to want to take them with you to work or on vacation with the family. Traveling with a dog is a part of life, but it can be stressful and uncomfortable without the right equipment.

You don’t want to take chances when it comes to your four-legged friend. Floor Hammocks™ provide just enough comfort and peace of mind to make the drive enjoyable for both of you.


Why You Need a Floor Hammock™ for Your Crew Cab Truck

This is great for dogs who might be worried about the gap between the seats and the floor every time you hit the brakes.  Allowing them to remain standing on the floor is comforting.  It is also a great option for dogs who are arthritic and need a little more padding and stability to rest on during the drive.

Many people choose to purchase Floor Hammocks™ or seat covers from 4Knines for the quilted waterproof fabric. Unlike other waterproof covers, these are very durable, adding comfort while providing the benefits of easy cleaning.


Choosing The Best Floor Hammock™ for Crew Cab Trucks

Whether you have a large or small breed, choosing the right Floor Hammock™ for your needs is important. You should first ensure that the hammock fits in your vehicle, measuring dimensions and seat functionality. If you don’t have a full crew cab vehicle that allows the back seats to fold, you should instead choose the multi-function seat cover hammock.


Choose 4Knines for Making Your Next Trip More Comfortable

Every trip is an adventure when you have a dog. To make your next trip more enjoyable for both you and your dog, choose 4Knines’ durable, heavy-duty truck seat covers. Quilted layers keep your dog’s joints cushioned for a more comfortable ride, while the waterproofing layer gives you peace of mind. 

A happy dog is more likely to enjoy the ride, and a seat cover that’s easy to install and clean, no matter where the road takes you.

For your next road trip, trust that 4Knines has you covered. The heavy-duty dog-friendly selection ranges from split seat covers and crew cab covers to Floor Hammocks™ and bucket seat covers.


Floor Hammocks™ Keep Your Car Clean and Pet Safe

Floor Hammocks™ are an answer to many dog lovers’ wishes, providing them with the ability to keep their car clean from shedding and accidents while helping keep their dogs safe. The Floor Hammock™ from 4Knines affords dog owners versatile options for riding with their pups.

While other seat covers and hammock options are available, one of the most popular choices is the Floor Hammock™ for crew cab trucks. The novel design is built to fit in trucks with fold-up rear seats, allowing you to create a space uniquely for your dog that prevents them from coming in contact with any seat cushions. The padded material helps keep them comfortable instead of laying on the abrasive floor fabric and allows them to fully stretch out.


Do Dogs Like Floor Hammocks™?

Many dogs are afraid of the floor gap in a truck, becoming nervous about the impending fall that often happens when you hit the brakes. Floor Hammocks™ provide a solid space between the seat and floor, providing them with a comfortable place to sit that gives them more room than usual to lounge even with the seats folded up.

Furthermore, the quilted material is easy on the joints, providing an essential cushion for a more comfortable ride no matter where you are going. This is especially important for older dogs or those predisposed to joint problems.


Easy Fit and Installation 

Unlike many other covers for crew cab trucks, the Floor Hammock™ from 4Knines is notoriously easy to install into most major makes and models. (1)

All it takes is a few snaps and a little bit of adjusting to make sure the hammock is tightly fitted without being suspended.



“You simply attach a small strap around each front headrest and drape the hammock across the gap and onto the back seat, attaching the opposing straps to the head rests along the back seat. Easy peasy."  - Medium.com


Many dog lovers claim that they can install the Floor Hammock™ in less than 5 minutes going at a leisurely pace.


Cleaning a Floor Hammock™ is Simple

Cleaning a Floor Hammock™ from 4Knines is even easier than installation, which comes as a surprise to many people. Simply unbuckle the hammock and wipe it down, hose it off or throw it in the wash.

Because of the waterproof construction, stains do not penetrate the material too deeply. Alternatively, rub it down with a lint roller before storing it out of the way.


Which Parts of the Truck Do Floor Hammocks™ Protect?

Floor Hammocks™ are not only meant to protect your dogs during the drive, but also the truck itself. By covering the back of the front seats, the floor, and the folded-up rear seats, the truck hammock creates a nook for your dog to rest during the drive. With all back seats folded, you can create a unique hammock space along the floor of the cab where your pooch can rest.

This comfortable padded space is perfect for dogs who might have destructive habits when they get nervous about the car ride, giving them fewer options for chewing, and allowing you to redirect their habits to a chew toy instead.

Even if your dog is well-behaved, a truck hammock helps keep the seats safe from accidental scratching and punctures in the seats. Furthermore, the waterproof and easy-to-clean material is perfect for dog owners who have long-hair breeds who shed excessively and prevent damage to the truck if your pup has a bathroom accident.


How Do Floor Hammocks™ Help Keep Dogs Safe?

Floor Hammocks™ are a great way to keep your dog safe during road trips, whether it’s down the street to the groomers, or across the country. Floor Hammocks™ help keep your dog’s joints protected during bumpy rides, especially if they are prone to arthritis.

A comfortable dog is a safe dog. They also help keep your dog comfortable throughout the ride if they like to lounge in the back seat, or if they are afraid of the floor gap. Many dogs prefer to ride with Floor Hammocks™ because they feel more comfortable throughout the ride. Turns and bumps won’t feel quite as sharp and they will keep their balance better with the grip the fabric provides.

Overall, Floor Hammocks™ are a great choice for keeping dogs of any size safe, and it makes the ride more comfortable for both of you because they can freely lounge or look out the window without the worry of feeling abrasive floor fabric, soothing any nerves they may have about the trip.


What is the Best Floor Hammock™ for Dogs?

The best Floor Hammock™ for dogs will be one that is both comfortable for the dog and helps keep them safe during the trip. 4Knines’ truck seat covers are among the best on the market, helping both dog and driver have a better experience on the road.

The quilted top cushions dogs’ joints and keeps them comfortable during the ride, while the durable, waterproofing layer helps keep your truck seats safe from their paws and any accidents they may have on the trip. Long-lasting and easy to clean, these truck covers were made for dog lovers’ needs without sacrificing quality or appearance.

Best of all, these seat covers consider the comfort of people as well, allowing all seat belts and buckles through the material when needed.



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