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Press coverage

"We are so happy with this product and know that you will love it too! Rolo does a lot of traveling with us, especially in the summertime to the camper. This puts me at ease knowing that all of the sand, mud & hair that comes off of him will stay on the liner and not all over my SUV."

Keep Your Vehicle Looking New With The 4Knines® Luxury Cargo Liner
Confessions of a Rescue Mom - 2016-01-04

"We saw a need in the market for a durable but classy looking dog seat cover made of premium materials that would not only look great in your car, but could stand up to dogs like ours."

Modern Dog Magazine - 2015-09-30

"I'm in love with this product."

More Buzz Worthy Products
Good 4 Utah - 2015-08-25

"It's so high quality! I love it."

Traveling With Your Dog
Modern Canine Training by Kris Crstejo Certified Dog Behavior Consultant & Trainer - 2015-09-22

"I really like the car seat cover and it fits well in both of my vehicles. I can tell it's made to last for a very long time"

Going on a Doggy Adventure With 4Knines
My Pawsitively Pets - 2015-06-08

"4Knines Dog Seat Covers and Cargo Liners are heavy-duty covers that will protect your vehicle from fur, dirt and claw marks."

4Knines Dog Seat Covers will protect your car from dirt, fur, and claw marks.
Fido Friendly Magazine - 2015-07-07

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend cargo liners for SUVs or any of 4Knines other products."

Buy Cargo Liner For SUVs
Animal Cafe - 2015-08-16

"4Knines seems to have considered every possible need when creating this rear seat cover."

Protect Your Investment: 4Knines Seat Cover Review
My Dog Likes - 2015-07-20

"Overall, I’ve been really happy with it, and it’s SO nice to finally cut down on the amount of fur that has moved in and taken up residence in my car."

What's In Your Car? Dog-Lady Confessions
Oh My Dog - 2015-07-17

"It is easy to use, and so simple to clean. It stays in place flawlessly, even with my herd going in and out sometimes dozens of times a day. I would happily recommend the 4Kines seat cover to other dog owners."

4Knines Car Seat Cover Review
Anything Pawsable - 2015-07-10

"It is the best thing ever and has saved our SUV from muddy, wet fluffs time and time again."

4Knines - A Dog Parent Necessity
It's Dog or Nothing - 2015-07-15

"It is comfortable, we can make a big mess and it is not a problem as the cover can easily be cleaned, we can wear our seat belts, and it saves the wear and tear on the actual car seat!"

5 Reasons To Cover Your Seat
My GBGV Life - 2015-09-27

"It protects the paint when the dogs are jumping in and out, it's honestly a genius design."

5 Ways I am Keeping My Car Clean, Organized & In Good Shape
Candid Mommy - 2015-09-15

"This seat cover from 4Knines is absolutely genius."

Dog Accessories Giveaway From 3 USA Companies You Ought To Know About.
Yoga By Candace - 2015-09-10

"I love the hammock option because it helps keep Luke in the back seat where we want him."

4Knines Rear Seat Cover Review & Giveaway
Wag n Woof Pets - 2015-10-11

"Not only does it class up your SUV, it keeps your pets from scratching up the back bumper when they jump in...We love the design...4Knines has really thought of everything with this product."

The New Cargo Liner from #SeatCovers4Knines
Pets Weekly - 2015-10-15

"This [Dog Bed] liner will help your dog bed last longer, and it also means that you can wash the liner instead of trying to clean the entire thing. The dog bed liner is easy to use - all you do is unzip it and throw the bed inside."

Waterproof dog bed liner and car seat protector: 4Knines review and a chance to WIN #seatcovers4Knines
Dogthusiast - 2014-11-19

"Once it's on, it stays on, and you and your canine companion can just jump in the car and go!"

SeatCovers4Knines Is Posh Choice For Your Car and Dog : Review And Giveaway!
Bocci's Beefs - 2014-11-10

"Though I can honestly say that I love every single pooch that I have rescued and personally picked up either from the shelter or the streets, I do have to say that cleaning my car afterwards is one of the things I hate the most. Most, if not all, rescued dogs smell horribly. They are matted, have a skin condition or simply have never had a bath in their entire life. My front seat usually ends up smelling exactly like them afterwards. So, when I came across 4Knines seat covers I was so excited to try them on my next doggie pick up."

Nothing But The Best with 4Knines® Seat Covers #seatcovers4Knines
At the Fire Hydrant - 2014-11-12

"I love, love, love this dog seat cover. It is everything a quality dog seat cover should be and so much more… And the fact that it cleans easily, with a damp cloth, is a major plus! "

A white car & black dog finally mix, thanks to a dog seat cover that protects my seats & a **GIVEAWAY**… #SeatCovers4Knines
Adventures of 8 - 2014-11-14

"My honest opinion about the 4Knine dog seat covers? I’m loving it! I wish I’d known about them before the dogs got the best of my car, but it’s never too late to start now and protect my car seats from further destruction."

Dog Seat Covers Review, #seatcovers4Knines
Animal Bliss - 2014-11-21

"I was impressed with this pet seat cover as soon as I removed it from its package. The high-quality of this product is visible and apparent to the touch. The easy to follow instructions make for trouble-free installation of this stylish and functional dog seat cover...I can’t say enough good things about this 4Knines® seat cover."

#SeatCovers4Knines Has Your Pet Seat Needs Covered
My Untangled Life - 2014-11-18

"My friend’s gorgeous Basset hound, Edna, is modelling this back seat car cover from 4Knines. For £59.99 and free delivery, you’ll get a handy cover that fits perfectly in any car. It is tied into place and has a non slip back in case you have posh leather seats."

The Downside of Having a Dog
Velcro Dog - 2015-11-01

"When we saw the 4Knines car seat cover we loved it immediately!"

A pawsome solution for a pup getting over car sickness! #SeatCovers4Knine Review and Giveaway
Johann The Dog - 2014-11-14

"Do you dread the time it takes cleaning and vacuuming the car after a road trip or a fun day at the park with your dog? If you have better things to with your time, 4Knines has got you covered with a very fashionable solution. It is certainly making my life much easier!"

4Knines Has You Covered #seatcovers4Knines
- - 2014-11-11

"Recently we got the chance to test out the 4Knines dog seat cover for the rear seat of our car. It is awesome! I love that it anchors to the headrests and has a nonslip backing that keeps it in place. She can’t roll this up in ball like the blanket! It is made of durable, waterproof material so when it rains, her wet paws won’t get on the seat and it will easily wipe down with a damp cloth"

You Marry Me, You Marry My Dog (and Her Shedding Hair)
Newlywed Survival - 2014-11-14

"I definitely am a big fan of this awesome, awesome dog hammock."

4Knines Rear Seat Cover Review, Demo & GIVEAWAY!!
Little Things - 2014-11-10

"This cargo cover delivers the high quality they promise."

An SUV Cargo Cover for All Seasons
Wag N Woof Pets - 2014-11-20

"Honestly, Emma, this cargo liner is perfect. It is the first one I have ever found that takes just seconds to put in or take out, it covers the bumper, looks great, and protects the car from all the dirt and things you dogs drag in! I wish I had found one of these years ago! Awesome product!"

Perfect SUV Cargo Liner
My GBGV Life - 2014-11-20

"Waterproof. Such a simple thing, but it’s genius. Genius. No amount of towels can protect the car from two soaking wet pyrs. Trust me, we’ve tested it. The cargo liner holds up perfectly."

Keep it Clean with the SUV Cargo Liner
It's Dog or Nothing - 2014-11-21

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The best evaluations of our products come from the people who’ve bought them.

Just what I wanted!

I've got a big heavy English lab with fast-growing nails, and a new truck with leather seats. Your seat cover enables my dog to ride with me again. I am totally A Satisfied customer!

Mary Penning

Great Seat Cover

The Seat Cover is amazing. I'll have to order one for the bench seat in my Kia Sportage and another front seat cover.

Mari Flanagan

Great Product

Perfect cargo cover for me, very nice quality and fast shipping.

kevin gould

Seat cover

Great cover, very well made, fit was good

Larry Greer

Versatile cargo cover

Bought this and installed it in my 2018 Chevy Cruze hatchback. Super quick and easy to install and has plenty of length. Great product.

Sean Licari


This product is amazing and so is the company. I was concerned it wouldn't fit my F350 Super Duty crew cab. I emailed them to ask and they responded really quick. I got the cover and it is everything they show it is & more. It fits perfect. I also bought the side covers for the doors in the back.

Christy Howie

Front seat covers

Very impressed. I have leather seats and they don't slide at all. Plus the seat doesnt get hot

John Updegraff

Glad I bought this!

2 in fact one for each vehicle! Couldn't pass up the great deal!

Veronica Faria

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