How To Prevent Travel Anxiety in Dogs Part 2

How To Prevent Travel Anxiety in Dogs Part 2

It’s inevitable, dogs are meant to travel with humans. Whether that’s by car or by train, traveling with your furry friend is meant to be fun, stress-free and adventurous. And, if you're one of the many humans who doesn’t like to leave your dog at home while you’re off having fun, we’re sure they have their very own dog car seat cover to make their ride as comfortable as possible. But, what are you supposed to do if your dog has developed anxiety caused by riding in the car? You can’t just leave your furball at home; can you? Your dog that has been going with you everywhere since day one can’t be left alone; you can’t be left alone. So, don’t let that happen! In our previous post, we started giving readers the information they needed to help rid their dog from car-riding anxiety. Here are more ways we recommend you cure your dog of travel anxiety:

Calm Down Your Dog

Some breeds are just meant to be high-strung all the time. This means they may be more prone to anxiousness or excitement when they learn they are going for a car ride. There are certain tricks you can use and certain products you can purchase to help calm your dog prior to hopping through the car door onto their dog car seat cover.

Toys and Clothes

Your dog loves you! So, it’s time to grab a pair of dirty jeans, a shirt or a sweatshirt that smells like you. Put this clothing in the backseat (or wherever your dog will be in your car during the ride) with them in addition to their favorite toy or bone. Doing so can help to calm your dog’s nerves and assist them in making their experience much more relaxed and enjoyable. However, if your dog likes to eat your clothing or toys when anxious, be sure not to follow this tip; a visit to your vet for an obstruction surgery is costly, and it’s best if that’s avoided.



Pheromones, what are they? Defined by Google, pheromones are a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by a mammal, animal or an insect. These chemical substances affect the behavior and physiology of others of its species. What’s more, when a female dog gives birth to a litter of puppies, she naturally releases a pheromone that soothes and calms her pups. This gives them a sense of comfort and security. Luckily, this pheromone is available to purchase in spray form and it’s called Adaptil™. You can purchase it at your nearest pet store or from a veterinarian; it’s been known to decrease anxiety. If toys and clothes don’t help, give pheromones a shot.

Homeopathic Options

Did you know that flowers and plants can help calm your dog’s nerves? Just like humans enjoy the essences of these natural pieces of nature, a dog may also  benefit from breathing in natural scents, such as the smell of fresh flowers. A popular homeopathic remedy that  may be able to help calm your pet’s anxiety is Rescue Remedy for Pets. Give a try; some dog owners swear by it!

Relaxing Car Conditions

Some of us have messy cars and play loud music; your dog may not find your car as peaceful and inviting as you do. In order to help your dog relax and stay calm, try playing soothing music with the windows down so your dog can get fresh air. There are even dog CDs out there that you can purchase, such as Noise Phobia Series from Through A Dog’s Ear.


Some dogs may end up feeling cool, calm and collected if they’re being restrained comfortably. In addition to providing your dog with a comfortable dog car seat cover to sit atop, you may want to think about purchasing a comfortable and cozy restraint to make them feel safer. Don’t take this personally; your dog may be fine with your driving, but they’re anxiety may not. Plus, if you’re driving with small children, a dog restraint may be the perfect option to make sure both your little one and your dog stay safe during travel.

Shop for a Dog Car Seat Cover

Give our anxiety tips a shot if you’re dealing with a dog that could use some help when jumping in the backseat of your car. Traveling should be comfortable, fun, easy and stress-free. To achieve all of those possibilities, shop for a dog car seat online with and give our anti-anxiety tips a try. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.