About Us

Jim and Maggie started it all….along with their two rowdy Dobermans, Ares and Ana. As founders of 4Knines, the concept for these quality products evolved from real-life experiences when traveling with their dogs. How can we travel with our best friends and not go nuts? How do we keep the dogs comfortable, the vehicle clean, and make the trip a pleasure? The answer: 4Knines - a classy, durable line of dog seat covers that would stand up to the “Ares and Ana Test.”


Why Buy From Us?

4Knines covers have gone through multiple upgrades and revisions based on thousands of customer reviews and feedback.  Our covers have been engineered to outperform and outlast other covers on the market.  You will not be disappointed in the quality and durability of 4Knines covers.  

Beyond 4Knines’ quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design features is a proven commitment to the people who buy them and to the pets who use them. We want to make sure that every customer experience is characterized by one word: exceptional. That is the reason we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all cargo liners and seat covers for dogs. If you have any issues, please contact us.  We love taking care of our customers!  

When you purchase a 4Knines cover, you are getting the best dog cover on the market AND you are supporting the pet community. At 4Knines, we believe in giving back! Since day one, 4Knines has donated a percentage of every sale to animal advocacy groups. In addition, we support and showcase the great work of various animal advocacy groups in our Monthly Spotlight articles.  You can find out more about our giving back campaigns on the 4Knines Blog.