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Giving Back: How 4Knines Is Helping to Make a Difference in the Pet Community

By 4Knines Staff. | Giving Back

The way we see it, running a business is a two-way street. With every 4Knines product sold, there's an opportunity to give back to the pet community. so that is exactly what we do!

In the holiday spirit of giving this winter, we'd like to share a little about the incredible charities we contribute to. Each of these organizations is doing their part to ensure that every dog is fed, adopted, cared for, and loved. 4Knines Charity Works to Support and Take Care of Dog's Welfare Here's a few of the many great charities that we've highlighted and supported:


When most people think about wonderful pet charities, one specific organization usually comes to mind: ASPCA, or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The ASPCA funds several programs around the United States to tackle problems such as animal homelessness and animal cruelty. Rescue and protection services provide pets with the support they need to survive and live happy lives.

Leave No Paws Behind

For those of your who have senior dogs, this charity is for you! Leave No Paws Behind specializes in providing rescue, adoption, and support services to senior dogs. In additional, the organization also provides the same care to dogs of all breeds and backgrounds. With their support, every senior dog can live out the rest of their days in happiness, comfort, and love.

Dogs on Deployment

Our brave military members already have so many obstacles to confront every day, both abroad and at home. This charity, Dogs on Deployment, makes sure taking care of their dog is not one of those obstacles. Using this organization, military members can connect with local volunteers to care for their pets while they are away on deployment. In addition, Dogs on Deployment also advocates for military pet owner rights, providing educational services for military pet owners, and helping military members financially care for their pets.

Canine Assistants

Canine Assistants is a nonprofit organization that matches service dogs to children and adults who have physical disabilities or other special needs. If you know someone with a service dog, you're probably quite familiar with what an life changing impact they can have on the lives of people with physical ailments and disabilities. This charity provides a wide range of service, companion, and seizure-response dogs to people who need them.

National Mill Dog Rescue

Thousands of dogs spend their lives in cages, only used for breeding purposes so puppy mills can make a profit. When the dogs cannot breed any longer, they are discarded in auctions or left alone without a loving home. The National Mill Dog Rescue offers crucial rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption services for these dogs. The charity also helps to educate people about the cruelties in the commercial dog industry and re-home pets after rehabilitation. Here's the full list of charities we're proud to have showcased and donated to this year:
  • Puppy Rescue Mission
  • Raven Pines Dog Rescue
  • Arizona Animal Welfare League
  • Retrieving Freedom Inc
  • Frosted Faces Foundation
  • Pilots N Paws
  • Dogs for Heroes
  • Muttville
  • Friends For Live
  • Marley's Mutts
  • Amazing Aussies
  • Dobies and Little Paws Rescue
  • PawPADs
  • Streetdog Foundation
  • Shadow's Fund
  • Snooty Giggles
  • Noah's Arks Rescue
  • Panda Paws Rescue
Each of these organizations inspires us to do our part as a business and support the pet community. Want to give back and get an amazing present for the dog lover in your life? Purchase any one of our washable Dog Car Seat Covers or waterproof Dog Bed Liners and we will donate $1 to the ASPCA. 4Knines Charity Works and Dog Seat Covers: Cargo, Dog Bed Liner, Bed Cover: 30% Off Premium Seat Covers


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The best evaluations of our products come from the people who’ve bought them.

bought two of these

Searched for different ones, decided on this one. Exceeded all expectations. Bought one for a new care and another for our 2004 4 runner. Provides good protection for vehicle and our 140 dog. We travel and camp extensively also good for bringing thing back form garden shop.

George Linhardt

Great product!

Does exactly what we wanted. We can easily raise a part of the seat to give our dogs better access to the rear seat of our pickup. And it's easily removed or installed when we need to put humans back there!

Michael Dean

Back Seat Cover for Subaru Impreza

Excellent quality and great customer service!

Alex Garcia-Osuna

Great covers

Not only are they great covers, 4knines has great customer service. Truly deserving of more than five stars.

Carmela DiCristofano

Great Cover - Great Company

The covers are absolutely the best and I have had quite a few over the years. I had a minor issue with my cover and asked if I could get it repaired. The response was: "Thank you for reaching out to us. Your cover is absolutely covered by 4Knines Lifetime Warranty!" I received a new one.

Bud Conner


This liner was so easy to install!! I love the way it fits and looks. My puppy also loves it.

Susan Frick

dog loves it

i don't have to fuss a the dog for clawing the door panels,a much more enjoyable ride for both of us.

Steven Walker

Perfect gift

I purchased this rear bench cover for a friend with two dogs that frequently accompany her to her barn. No problem with wet, muddy feet. Fits well and protects her investment in her car. The cover arrived promptly as promised.

Maribeth Hartin

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