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We put together this sizing guide to help answer some frequently asked questions. We hope it helps! – Jim and Maggie


We love traveling with our dogs. After all, they are part of the family. But much like our twin daughters, our two Dobermans are rambunctious and sometimes manage to get themselves into some nasty messes. Like you, we don’t want our dogs to destroy our vehicle's interior, so we developed a collection of luxurious “Life-Proof” products to protect our cars from muddy paw prints, claw marks, dog fur, drooling, and the dreaded “accident.”




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  • Life-Proof” - The 4Knines collection of premium seat covers, cargo liners, and door covers fully protect the interior of your entire vehicle from “life”
  • Rowdy dogs, messy kids, grimy tools, muddy sports gear, nasty spills, etc. are no match for 4Knines premium covers.
  • No-Hassle Warranty - Bottom line...we want you to be happy! Your 4Knines car products are fully protected by our no-hassle customer service policies.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - full refund within 30 days if you are not happy with your cover
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty (Materials and Workmanship) - if your 4Knines cover fails, we will replace it - simple as that!
  • Thoughtfully Designed and Feature-Packed Products - All 4Knines luxury seat covers, cargo liners, and door covers are made from quality materials, providing a classy look and feel while blending seamlessly with your vehicle’s interior.
  • Premium fabric - waterproof, durable, quilted, colorfast, toxin-free, rated for high temps
  • Non-slip backing, reinforced UV-protected straps with quick release clips
  • Super strong seams with reinforced stitching
  • Sturdy seat anchors (seat covers only)
  • Installs in seconds (take a peek at Jim’s awesome installation videos!)
  • Easy-to-clean! To keep your cover looking new, just wipe it down, shake it out, hose it down, vacuum it, or throw it in the machine (please be gentle).


Bench Seat Covers


  • Still using an old towel to protect your back seat from rowdy dogs and wiggly kids? Consider protecting your interior with a quality 4Knines bench seat cover that will stay put and is built to last. We guarantee it!
  • Sizing & Colors - Choosing a size is simple! Keep in mind that no bench seat cover is truly “universal” - there are simply too many vehicles on the market to make that possible.
  • Regular (54” wide) - fits most passenger cars, small/mid-size SUVs, mid-size trucks
  • Extra Large (60” wide) - fits full-size trucks and SUVs
  • Check out our sizing guide for additional guidance and recommendations
  • Most 4Knines bench seat covers are available in black, tan, or grey
  • Styles - 4Knines bench seat covers come in a variety of styles. Select the seat cover that matches your lifestyle. All covers are backed by the same no-hassle Lifetime Warranty!

Bench Cover with Hammock (Regular and XL) -

  • Access to two seat belts and LATCH Compatible
  • Hammock option attaches to your front headrests to protect your entire back seat, floor, and back side of front seats
  • Hammock helps keep your dogs in the back seat and gives them a sense of security
  • Hammock portion can be stowed away when not in use
  • Note: hammock portion is not designed to support your dog’s full weight - the dog’s weight should be kept on the seat portion of the cover

Bench Cover without Hammock - Fitted (Regular Size Only)

  • Sleek fitted design with attached seat skirt protects entire back seat - top, sides, and front of bench seat
  • Access to two seat belts and LATCH Compatible

Split Bench Seat Cover with or without Hammock (Regular and XL) - includes all premium features of our basic seat covers, PLUS….Flexibility!

  • Fold down seat compatible - no need to remove cover!
  • Allows for 60/40 or 50/50 split
  • Access to middle console, armrest, and armrest pass-through
  • Access to all three seatbelts and LATCH compatible

Crew Cab Truck Seat Cover (One Size - XL)

  • - designed with full-size truck owners in mind! Includes all premium features of our Split Bench Seat Covers, PLUS...Ultimate Flexibility!
  • Perfect for Ford F-series trucks, Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota Tundra, and GMC Sierra (will not fit Nissan or Dodge Trucks)
  • Split seat and split back allow you to fold up one or both sides of the seat bottom
  • Flex hammock can be used in a variety of ways or stowed away when not in use
  • Continuous sheet of non-slip backing provides complete waterproofing of seat bottom
  • Access to all three seatbelts and LATCH compatible
  • Note: this cover is only available in black




Your vehicle’s cargo area likely takes a lot of abuse! Especially, if your furry passengers jump in to accompany you on errands and adventures. Protect your interior with a durable 4Knines cargo liner. We think you will prefer it to the old blanket or the “disposable” cargo liner you have been using! In fact, we guarantee it!


  • Sizing - Deciding on the best size cargo liner can be a little tricky. We are here to help!
    First, consider how you plan to use the cover. Will you attach to the front headrests or to the back headrests? Do you plan to lower one or both rear seats?
    Next, measure the length and width of area you want to cover - be sure to measure from the headrest, down the back of the seat, all the way past the bumper.
    Then, make the best decision you can based on the following information and place your order.
    Finally...if it ends up being the wrong size, don’t worry! We will be happy to help you with an exchange.
    Small (42” x 78” including 20” bumper guard) - small/compact SUVs
    Large (52” x 82” including 20” bumper guard) - standard SUVs
    Extra Large (55” x 106” including 20” bumper guard) - full-size SUVs
    Check out our sizing guide for additional guidance and recommendations

    Styles - 4Knines cargo liners come in two styles. Select the cover that matches your unique needs. All cargo liners are backed by the same no-hassle Lifetime Warranty!

Cargo Liner (Small, Large, XL)

  • Constructed with same premium components as 4Knines bench seat covers
  • Extended bumper flap protects bumper from scratches when loading and unloading
  • Unique design with side flaps for additional protection
  • Available in black, tan, or grey

Split Cargo Liners (Small, Large, XL) - includes all premium features of our cargo liner, PLUS….Flexibility!

  • Fold down seat compatible - no need to remove cover!
  • Allows for 60/40 or 50/50 split seat or center cargo pass-through
  • Heavy-duty YKK zippers
  • Note: this cover is only available in black




  • 4Knines Bucket Seat Covers are designed to fit passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs of all sizes. bucket seat cover is truly “universal,” but we think our cover comes pretty close! Typically, bucket seat covers are used to protect front seats, but our covers can also be used with second and third rows with bucket-style (captain) seating.
  • Constructed with same premium components as 4Knines bench seat covers and cargo liners
  • Seat skirt, seat anchor, non-slip backing, and sturdy UV protected straps keep cover in place
  • Available in black, tan, and grey
  • Note about airbags: Please ensure your bucket seat cover will not interfere with airbag deployment. The strap that attaches around the back of the seat is optional, and the cover will stay in place without it. If your 4Knines cover will not work with your vehicle's airbags, please return the cover for a full refund.




  • Our furry passengers desperately want to look out the window. They can’t help themselves! But when we hear their nails scratching our door panels, we cringe. 4Knines door guards provide a solution that makes everyone happy!
  • Constructed with same premium components as 4Knines seat covers and cargo liners
  • Creates a tough, waterproof barrier to complete the protection of your vehicle’s interior
  • Sold as a pair - one for each door
  • Install in seconds with simple slide-in tabs (package also includes optional velcro strips)
  • Available in black, tan, and grey to match our seat covers and cargo liners


Still not sure which 4Knines solution is best for you?
Please contact our USA Customer Service Team at 888-602-2509 or
We will be happy to provide our best recommendations.

Reviews From 4Knines Customers VIEW MORE »

The best evaluations of our products come from the people who’ve bought them.

Front Bucket Seat Covers

Love, love love our front seat covers. Now Miss Maxie can ride in either of our vehicles. It’s a win win for all 3 of us ????????

Sharon Tieman

Puppy misadventure

My 8 month old lab puppy ate something and it required a trip to the vet. They administered peroxide to induce vomiting. He seemed unaffected by the entire experience and after waiting 45 minutes with no results, we were sent home. Naturally, he threw up in the car on the way home. I had recently bought the split rear seat cover. It saved the back seat of my car and cleaned up beautifully. I can only imagine how the cloth seat would have absorbed the odor and stain without the protection of the seat cover. Buying your seat cover was the smartest decision I've made. Love the hammock option.

Christine Cooley

XL rear seat hammock cover

I own a 2015 Toyota Tundra CrewMax. I was concerned that the XL seat cover wouldn't be big enough for our pups. However, after installing it easily, our pups took to it immediately! Ellie loved the hammock part that comes off the seat a little and slept in it on one of our most recent road trips.

JP Nelson

Perfect Fit!

We had fallen back to just putting a sheet over our seats as our Bernese Mountain Dog and our cars never found a perfect match with any of the seat covers we tried until this front seat cover. We immediately put in an order for the backseat cover from 4Knines to give our BMD more room.

Erin Allen

Service dog approved

It works awesome and my dog Mr Malachi S.D loves it and 4 me being disabled it's so much easier to keep my seat clean now. thank you awesome product..

Dave Clark

Perfect seat cover- just what I was looking for

I ordered the Split Rear Back Seat Cover - Grey Regular Fitted - Non Hammock option for my 1999 Ford F-150 pickup truck. It fits perfectly in the front seat. Easy to take off and on and looks beautiful.

Miriam Hudgins

Great product awesome customer service

Well made look forward to many years of use. Door protectors do there job. Thanks

Danny Medinas

Geeat fit, great product, great service

Got these much faster than other products I have ordered online. The fit is wonderful, even in my little Corolla, and the installation was really easy. Hair does NOT stick to these covers.I love them!


For all general inquiries, please call or email us
Phone: 888.602.2509

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