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How Patience Can Help Train Your Dog!

By EricaLieberman. | Dog Training

I always say that in the training game, you want to "tie" with your dog; meaning if you ask your dog to sit once, you should get one sit. If you ask three times and your dog doesn't sit, perhaps it is time to take a step back and reevaluate the training, or even, just give your dog a little more time to respond.

  How Patience Can Help Train Your Dog! If a child just learned something and is asked (multiplication as an example): "What's 6 times 7.?" And then again, without any time to think or respond : "What's 6 times 7??" .. "WHAT'S 6 TIMES 7???" It's very unlikely that this helps to think faster, or gets to the answer more easily, and is probably frustrating. The same is true for repeating cues to your dog; be patient, allowing the dog time to think for himself and work out what you are asking for. It is better to say the cue once, even if your dog takes 5 to 10 seconds to respond. Once you have taught your dog behaviors and cues such as sit, down, go to crate, and come, it's a good idea to give your dog time to think and respond without repeating a cue, or "nagging" him. Ask your dog to "sit" and wait until he does. Praise as soon as you see the behavior you asked for; this is crucial! Your dog must know when he gets the correct behavior; no waiting, he needs to know. Plan to pair your praise with the moment you see the desired behavior. At the very end you can reward your dog for getting it right. First the reward can be food, but life rewards for good behavior, are great too; what your dog likes such as being on the couch or going out for a walk. I often explain this training as using CPR to train your dog. Cue, Praise, Reward. Our cue is the word "sit," our praise happens when the dog's rump hits the ground, and finally we reward with food or life rewards. If you need to, you can give your dog a hint after the cue. A hint might be luring the dog into position, or showing a hand signal. I find it is best to use lures and gestures as hints after the verbal cue. If you ask your dog to "sit" and he doesn't after 5 to 10 seconds, then give him the hint. Lure his nose back towards his tail, praise as soon as he sits, and reward at the end.

Always give your dog time to respond to the verbal cue without a hint. This will help your dog to think for himself.

  If your dog is paying attention and trying to figure out what you are asking, then let him try. If he knows a lot of different cues and offers you all different things, just ignore him until he gets it right. So if he offers you a 'give paw', and a 'down' before a 'sit', but eventually gets to the sit, praise as soon as he gets it right and reward for the sit. Be sure your dog is sitting while eating a food reward if that's what you're using. If your dog is standing and staring at you but not sitting and yet he is giving you his attention and seems to be thinking about what you'd like, just be patient and let him work it out on his own. Be ready for the moment he gets it right, so you can praise immediately. If your dog walks away and disengages from training when you try this method, it might mean you need to back up a few steps and practice the cues in their earlier stages. No big deal! Back up, work with your CPR and just use hints closer to your cue. Consider the reward; it is vital to use something that is truly motivating to your dog. Like people, your dog likes to earn rewards! You might be surprised at all your dog knows when you give him the time to show you! Behavioral Science and Dog Seat Covers: Cargo, Dog Bed Liner, Bed Cover: 30% Off Premium Seat Covers

Erica Lieberman Erica Lieberman, MA, CPDT-KSA, CDBC, CBATI, VSPDT 

Erica Lieberman of Pawsibilities New York is a certified professional dog trainer, and canine behavior consultant for over 10 years, serving the entire New York City area, including Queens, Brooklyn, Riverdale and Long Island, where she maintains her bucolic boarding facility. Erica is a life-long dog owner, and equestrian with an appreciation of rural and suburban life however, she is also a life-long New Yorker and apartment dweller who understands the unique needs of the urban dog owner. She has extensive experience training dogs of all breeds and ages, to behave and thrive in the busy city. She uses only positive, science-based methods, and does not believe in using intimidation or pain to train your dog. Erica believes that mutual trust and respect is the basis of all relationships, especially dogs and their humans. She is available for consultations and accepting new clients, I strongly encourage you to give her a call today. Learn more about Erica and Pawsibilities, on their website:


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great cover

This is actually a replacement for my original 4 knines cover which was 4 years old. I used it daily (bringing my pup to work with me) and washed it weekly, so the backing finally started to flake apart and come off. This newer version is easier to put over the headrests, great improvement in the strap and closures. Also the best improvement is the side flaps, the old cover didn't have these. These flaps help to catch the dirt from dogs feet when they are jumping up into the car, instead of it going on the side of the seat.

Diane Breland


This is my 2nd seat cover from 4knines and love them both. The product and service were both fantastic.


Repeat customer VERY satisfied.

We have made several purchases from 4Knines and are VERY satisfied with products (cargo liner, back seat cover, bucket front seat cover...). I volunteer at a shelter and take dogs offsite daily. Always a Pleasure doing business with 4Knines. Highly recommend.

Cristina Jones

Split Rear Dog Seat Cover - Fitted - No Hammock

I had ordered this item from an on-line site and was extremely disappointed when I received the wrong item. I was impressed with the quality of the seat cover and decided to contact 4Knines directly. I placed my order with Maggie and received the Split Rear Dog Seat Cover within three days. The seat cover fits nicely in my new Honda CR-V and as stated by 4Knines, is very easy to install and remove. My 8-month old labradoodle Brodie likes the comfort, and friends agree with him. Great quality item, reasonably priced, and outstanding customer service. Thanks 4Knines.


New seat cover and side panels in Nissan Titan

Excellent solution for my truck. Absolutely no complaints. A+ quality materials, engineering, and design. Fast service on delivery. Cannot ask for anything better. J Jones Aiken, SC

john jones

New truck seat cover and side panels

I really do like the seat cover and door side panels. The side panels are a must as the Beagle mix puts her feet on the doors. Every now and again someone comes up with a nice product that works well, has quality in its materials, and is well engineered. These are those. I am super satisfied.

john jones


Easy and fast install. Stays in great!! (and the dogs are happy that they get to ride along again!) :)

Ericka Spiva

Great fit, Great look, Stays in Place

I really like the look of this cover on my front bucket seat. You can't tell it's to protect the seat from the dog! It's very nice looking and fits great. Most importantly, it stays in place! My dog is wiggly, up and down, looking out the windows; and this seat cover doesn't mind. Do make sure you watch the video and carefully follow the installation instructions. I did not at first; and Support was Wonderful in helping me figure out what I was doing incorrectly.

Sherry McClurkin

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