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How to Keep Your Senior Dog Comfortable This Winter

By 4Knines Staff. | Dog Health

Let it snow, let it snow! Winter is a wonderful time to celebrate gratitude and family with your senior dog.

  Winter Season for Dogs? Keeping Your Dogs Happy Unfortunately, with the cold weather comes more dangers and discomforts for your pooch. Read on below for some easy ways you can keep your senior dog happy and comfortable during the cold season.

Getting Outside

No matter your dog's age, exercise is very beneficial to your dog's well-being and comfort. Exercise can reduce the risk of obesity, and help your dog enjoy their last years feeling their best. Your senior dog might grow accustom to lounging around inside, so even a short stroll in the fresh air will be the perfect activity to raise their spirits and enjoy some easy exercise. Try taking your dog for a short walk around the block. If it's snowy, equip your dog with snow boots and a jacket so they can stay warm. Be aware of your dog's energy levels while you're out. Huffing, panting, and shivering are all signs it's time to go back inside and snuggle up. If the weather is too cold, but you still want to give your dog a fun activity away from home, try taking your dog with you on errands. Your senior dog will love sniffing around the new environments! Just make sure you have a 4Knines Car Seat Cover to avoid dog odors and fur from collecting in your car.

Vet Check Ups

Cold weather causes joints to stiffen, noses to run, and variety of other discomforts you might not even notice your dog is experiencing. That's why it's important to schedule at least one veterinarian appointment for your dog during the winter. Take notes on your dog's behavior before visiting. Are they having trouble standing up? Do they eat less than normal? These notes will help your vet understand any issues your dog might be having. Make sure to give your dog a fun activity or tasty treat as a reward when you return home.

Sleeping Quarters

One of the most important places in your senior dog's life is their bed. Many older dogs develop joint pain and aches, so it's important they have a quality bed to sleep on at night. Another important factor is where your dog bed is placed. Is it in a warm, comfortable area? Sometimes dogs will retreat to lounging on your bed or the couch if they don't like where their bed is placed. A good area for your dog's bed is warm, cozy, and close to food and water. In order to keep your dog's bed a more comfortable place, consider using a washable 4Knines Dog Bed Cover. These durable covers are a great way to keep your dog bed free of moisture and odor, which helps your dog bed last even longer! Winter Season for Dogs and Dog Seat Covers: Cargo, Dog Bed Liner, Bed Cover: 30% Off Premium Seat Covers


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