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7 Big Benefits of All-Natural Dog Food

By MitchFelderhoff. | Dog Health

Less than 100 years ago, eating organically was the norm. Processed foods were rare with family farms and local produce supplying the bulk of our meals.

Today, we have to make careful choices about what we’re consuming. You may already be in the habit of reading food labels for yourself, but what about for your pup? Many pet parents don’t take the opportunity to double check what’s bound for the food bowl, and it can spell disaster for your doggy’s diet.

Wondering if holistic and organic kibble is worth the price? These seven benefits of all-natural dog food are a great reason to budget a bit more. 

What Makes A Dog Food ‘All-Natural’? 

It only takes one or two ingredients for a dog food to go from all-natural to non-organic. A pinch of animal byproduct, sprinkle of synthetic chemical, or an ounce of anything artificial and it’s instantly disqualified.

Organic and holistic dog foods fall under the same umbrella but are categorically different. Both aim to produce a sense of overall well-being, but to be considered organic, a dog food must meet the USDA’s specifications. (Read: no chemicals or antibiotics used on any ingredient at any stage.)

All-Natural Dog Food Benefits

Where food has gotten systematically sketchier for humans, our fur babies are enjoying plentiful all-natural puppy food options. Fill the bowl with quality kibble and you are likely to notice benefits like:

  1. Reduced allergies. Food allergies aren’t just common in humans; man’s best friend also suffers at the hands of a few common ingredients. When you say bye-bye to byproducts, low-grade grains, and processed portions there’s far less chance of your pet experiencing an allergic reaction.
  2. Improved skin, coat, and teeth. The more nutrients they take inside, the more it will show outside. Not only will it add luster and shine to their coat, all-natural dog food can also prevent fatal gum disease in dogs.
  3. Fewer vet visits. You don’t need us to tell you that vet services are expensive. The more health conscious their diet, the less trips you’ll have to make outside your regular checkup.
  4. Better breath. No matter how much you love your pup, bad breath is a bummer. Want to banish your dog's bad breath? Chomping on all-natural dog food can dislodge bacterias that lead to a stinky snout.
  5. Increased digestive health. A regular pup is a happy pup. As an added bonus, the more nutritionally complete their dog food, the more you can prevent painful gas bubbles from forming (and escaping) their digestive tract.
  6. Faster fill-ups. The more nutrients you provide your pet, the more satiated they’ll stay. A high-grade protein will fill Fido up fast, causing him to eat less at each setting. This means you’ll have to replenish your supply less often, too.
  7. Consistent, healthy weight. The dangers of doggie obesity are numerous. The healthier they eat, the more energy they’ll have to run, play, and keep the weight off. When looking at labels, steer clear of filler ingredients like starches or sugars that can pack on the pounds.
  8. Lengthened life expectancy. You probably want your pooch to live forever! (Or at least as long as you do.) While all-natural pet food can’t make any sweeping promises, it has been shown to boost animal immune systems and increase their longevity.

Essentially, maintaining a balanced doggy diet starts with eating clean. While all-natural dog food may cost you a little more upfront, it’s likely to save you in the long run. Discuss the change with your vet and be sure to slowly switch out food over a two-week period to avoid digestive upset. When in doubt, remember that high-quality food equals a high-quality life!

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Mitch Felderhoff

Meet Mitch Felderhoff. Mitch joined his family business in May of 2007 after graduating from the University of North Texas. After several years working in sales, Mitch took on the responsibility of marketing, new product development, and was named Vice President of Muenster Milling in 2009. With the company now firmly in the 4th generation of Felderhoff’s, Mitch’s commitment to excellence is stronger than ever. When Mitch isn’t working on extruding dry pet foods, he is a husband and loving father of three boys.


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Cordura seat cover

Great product. Have them on all my seats to protect them from water sand and nails of from all the dogs that travel with me in my camper van to the beach, rivers and woods.



We liked the first cover so much that a few days later we purchased a second one. The cover installs very, very easily, fits and covers the rear seat and the back of the front seats of our Subaru Tribeca perfectly, has flaps that cover the door-side edges of the rear seat, and stays perfectly in place. Spilled or tracked water beads up on the material and can be easily wiped off. At first our dog did tend to slide just a little on the new cover, but he soon learned to stand, sit, and lay just as well as he did before on the uncovered seat. The hammock portion seems like it might provide some little bit of protection in a sudden stop (our guy will chew apart any "doggie seat belt" type of restraint in very short order - so that option is out of the question for us). As to keeping him out of the car front-area - well, our long-legged Standard Poodle has no problem in still looking closely out the front windshield by putting his front feet on the center console - straddling the hammock - with no problem whatsoever. But we did discover that having the hammock in place does allow us to safely keep his water bottle and dish, his leash, and an old towel on the floor under the hammock - where he can no longer get at them (especially the leash and towel) to chew on them. All in all, an excellent seat cover.


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This is my 2nd seat cover from 4knines and love them both. The product and service were both fantastic.


Repeat customer VERY satisfied.

We have made several purchases from 4Knines and are VERY satisfied with products (cargo liner, back seat cover, bucket front seat cover...). I volunteer at a shelter and take dogs offsite daily. Always a Pleasure doing business with 4Knines. Highly recommend.

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