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When Hiking, There are Things You Need to Bring Besides Our Dog Seat Cover

By 4Knines Staff. | Activities for Your Dog
4 bring hiking Summer is here. That means the weather is perfect for hiking. If you are like many dog lovers, you will most certainly have Fido tag along on your adventures and journeys. As you are stuffing your backpack full of goodies and gear, please consider the things you should bring along for your dog. After all, he really doesn't have a whole lot of say in this. Here are some essentials you need to pack when going hiking with your dog. Don't forget to pack plenty of dog food and doggie treats. You will want to pack more than what your dog normally eats as he will be active and burning a lot more calories than usual. If something comes up and you stay longer than usual, you will want to make sure your dog has enough to eat. You need to bring a water bowl and water for your dog. You can't always count on water being available on a trail. Streams, rivers and lakes are great for cooling Fido off and playing, but dogs, just like humans, are susceptible to giardiasis and other water-borne diseases. Plus, having plenty of water will lower the risk of heatstroke. Here is a sad fact; dogs do get lost. Your dog needs to employ proper and readable tags, be microchipped and you should carry a picture of him in case he becomes lost. It is much easier to show a picture of Fido to others in the area than it is trying to describe him. We nearly forgot; don't forget to bring along your dog seat cover from 4Knines. Our quality dog seat cover was designed with attention to detail and durability. Happy hiking and stay safe!


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Just what I wanted!

I've got a big heavy English lab with fast-growing nails, and a new truck with leather seats. Your seat cover enables my dog to ride with me again. I am totally A Satisfied customer!

Mary Penning

Great Seat Cover

The Seat Cover is amazing. I'll have to order one for the bench seat in my Kia Sportage and another front seat cover.

Mari Flanagan

Great Product

Perfect cargo cover for me, very nice quality and fast shipping.

kevin gould

Seat cover

Great cover, very well made, fit was good

Larry Greer

Versatile cargo cover

Bought this and installed it in my 2018 Chevy Cruze hatchback. Super quick and easy to install and has plenty of length. Great product.

Sean Licari


This product is amazing and so is the company. I was concerned it wouldn't fit my F350 Super Duty crew cab. I emailed them to ask and they responded really quick. I got the cover and it is everything they show it is & more. It fits perfect. I also bought the side covers for the doors in the back.

Christy Howie

Front seat covers

Very impressed. I have leather seats and they don't slide at all. Plus the seat doesnt get hot

John Updegraff

Glad I bought this!

2 in fact one for each vehicle! Couldn't pass up the great deal!

Veronica Faria

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