One of our favorite summer activities to do with our pups is to hop in the car (with our dog seat cover!) and go on nice nature walks or hikes.

While these outings can be fun and especially exciting for your dog, there is one real danger that every dog owner should be aware of, especially if you are in an area that is prone to this threat. If you live in areas like Arizona or Colorado, rattlesnakes can be a real threat while you are on your walk or hike. Rattlesnakes are not only dangerous for you, but they are extremely dangerous for your pup, especially if he is curious.  This is a picture of a Rattlesnake that Ares (one of the 4Knines Dobermans) tried to make friends with last week.

Before you go on your next nature hike this summer, there are a few things to keep in mind about rattlesnake safety and awareness.

Rattlesnake Vaccine

This vaccine may not be ideal for pups who do not have the potential of being exposed to rattlesnakes. However, it is extremely important for those dogs that may encounter one of these snakes. This vaccine contains rattlesnake venom and works to reduce and delay the symptoms of a rattlesnake bite. It does not make your dog immune to a bite so, if your pup gets bitten by a rattlesnake, you will still need to seek immediate care at your local vet.

Keep Your Pup On a Leash

Most rattlesnake bites tend to occur when a dog is on a very long leash or not on a leash at all. When you go on your next hike, try to keep your pup on a 6-ft leash. A lot of times, you might be able to hear a rattlesnake before your dog gets too close to one. If you do encounter a rattlesnake, it is important to stay calm. Slowly and calmly back away from the snake until you and your pup are out of reach and then carefully make your way to another area or back to your car.

Avoid Snake Prone Areas

While you and your pup are on your walk or hike, it is important to stick to the trail and avoid any rocky areas, as well as dense brush. If you stick to the trail and avoid these grassy or brushy areas, you are more likely to see a snake before it becomes a real danger. Rocks and brush offer perfect hiding spots for snakes.

Be sure to keep up with our blog to learn more about what to do if your dog gets bitten by a rattlesnake.

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