Any dog lover knows that a vacation is just not the same if your dogs can’t join in on the fun!

For this reason we are huge fans of bringing the dogs along whenever possible. Although it requires a bit of extra preparation, after many years and dozens of road trips, we like to think that we have become quite proficient at it!

Behold, our list of 10 Essentials for Traveling with Dogs!

Road Trip With Dogs and Essential Things Needed

1. Lid Locking Container

Naturally, you will be bringing dog food along on your road trip. We recommend packing it in a lid locking container as opposed to keeping it in the standard food bag to prevent accidental spills or tears. Depending on where you will be staying these are also great for containing smells and not attracting unwanted animals!

2. Measuring Cup

Just because you may be lax with the calorie counting on vacation doesn’t mean that you should do the same for your pets! Consistency is key in maintaining a healthy weight and it is very important to measure your dog’s meals. We use a collapsible measuring cup to save space!

3. Collapsible Water Bowl

It is very important to remember to keep your dog hydrated on a long road trip. Set a reminder on your phone to make regular stops and provide fresh water. We recommend bringing along a collapsible water bowl for convenience and to save precious space in the car!

4. Waste Bags

When you gotta go, you gotta go right?

You will likely be visiting rest stops, parks or even an open patch of grass to let the dogs do their business! Cleaning up after your dog is not only courteous but also good for the environment. We like to use biodegradable dog poop bags and keep them in a convenient carrying dispenser.

5. Insect Repellent Wipes

In addition to making sure your dog is current on all their flea and tick medications, pest repellent wipes can provide an extra layer of protection when visiting new places. We use an all natural option that takes advantage of the natural pest repellent properties of lemongrass, sesame and castor oils.

6. Extended Leash

When visiting unfamiliar places it is particularly important to keep your dog leashed. We like to pack a 30 foot training leash to give the dogs a little room to explore whenever possible. These leashes also function great as a tie-out if you are stopping for a picnic or rest on a hike and want to keep them close by.

7. Reflective Gear

It is very likely that you will be doing at least a portion of the driving at night. Packing reflective gear for you and your dog is a great idea to ensure you can be seen when making pit stops or taking potty breaks along the way.

Road Trip and Tavel With Man’s Best Friend8. Dog Energy Bars

Things can get a bit hectic on a road trip, so it is a great idea to have bars or snacks on hand that will provide sustaining energy. Make sure to keep in mind your dogs regular eating schedule, and if you are unable to feed at that time supplement as needed. These snacks are also great to use as an energy booster during long hikes. Be aware of your dog’s daily activity level when determining whether or not these calories should be left out of their next meal.

9. Travel Crate

Many dogs see their crates a familiar and safe place. We recommend bringing along a lightweight, collapsible crate so that they will feel comfortable in their new environment.

10. Taste of Home

Last but not least, pack a small bag with some of your dogs favorite things. Pick things that bring comfort to your dog and can ease any stress or anxiety they may experience while traveling. We like to bring some of our favorite toys and a blanket!

Traveling with dogs does not have to be stressful! Knowing what to bring along, and a bit of preparation can make the experience enjoyable for you and your pets!

Stay safe and happy travels!

What else makes your list of travel essentials for dogs? Let us know in the comments below!

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