Dogs are man and woman’s best friend. They enrich our lives as we enrich theirs. We simply cannot live without them. Well in that case, the more the merrier, right?

5 Things to Think About Before Getting a Second Dog

Seems legit… however multi-pet households are not always the best option for some people. Have you ever heard that saying from Lays potato chips?betcha can’t eat just one.” Change it up a bit and the phrase “Betcha can’t have just one” rings so true for many pet owners.

Pets can be addicting, and with good reason. But before you decide to add to your pack, lets go over 5 things to think about before getting a second dog.

1. Money

As much as we love our pets, they do not come cheap. Between vet visits, a good food, grooming supplies, any medicine they need and more…. it can be pricey. While it is all worth it for our 4 legged friends, it’s important to ensure you will be able to care for your dogs financially.

2. Do you have enough time?

A lot of people believe that having 2 or more dogs take so much extra time to care for than just one. I argue that one a little bit…. I mean, yes, multiple dogs will take a some extra time, but when it comes to walking, feeding and things like that… heck, walk both dogs at the same time, no extra time. Feeding is as simple as putting food into 2 bowls instead of one. (unless your a raw feeder, then preparation can take longer. That being said… there are other things that will of course take a bit of extra time with multiple dogs.

3. Are you getting another dog for yourself, or to keep your current dog company?

This one is a bit of a hot topic as well. Dogs are very social, yes. Adding another dog can definitely be beneficial to your current dog. But there are things to think about, such as:

  • Has your dog always been an only dog?
  • How old is he/she?
  • Are you home most of the day, or working?

If your dog is older and has always been an only dog, chances are he couldn’t care less if you add another pup or not. In fact, it could even stress him out. He is used to having you all to himself, now half of your attention will be towards the newcomer.

If you are away most of the day, will you be able to have someone come check on the dogs? Especially at first…. some dogs can take quite some time to accept each other into their own lives, while others could welcome a new pet with open paws.

4. Know your dog. Know his personality, play style etc…

Have you had him around other dogs? Was he nervous, anxious and cautious, or was he welcoming and playful?

Knowing these things can help determine how he will react if you do bring in a new dog.

5. Dogs learn from each other

Undesired behaviors from one dog can rub off on the other.

Personally I love having a multi-pet home. We have 3 Siberian Huskies, 3 kitties, and a bearded dragon. A lot of work, yes. Worth it? Yes. Is it for everyone? Definitely not. Consider your options and reasons for wanting to add to your family. Remember, the health and happiness of both your current dog and a dog you will bring in depends on you.

Tell us about your pack! 

Do you have a single or multi-pet home?

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