Dogs are full of love, that is no secret. And they love to show us just how much they have to give.

10 Ways Your Dog Shows He Loves You

Generally, its not hard to tell when a dog is showing affection. But sometimes their action can be mistaken for affection, or vice versa – their affection can be mistaken for something completely different.

What do I mean? Take tail wagging for instance…

We assume that when a dog wags his tail, it means he’s happy and showing his love for us. But that is not always the case. Tail wagging can mean different things such as anxiety, stress etc…

Today, lets go over 10 ways your dog shows he loves you:

1. Tail Wagging

As mentioned above can most definitely be a sign of affection.

2. Shadow Pup

Do you notice your dog follows you around sometimes? While this can mean he needs something ( a potty break, food, etc) it can also be him wanting to just be near you. Your dogs need to be close to you is a sure sign of love.

3. Face Licker!

While some may find this intolerable… others will accept it on occasion and some even think its cute when their dog licks their face. Once again with face licking – it doesn’t always mean he is showing love for you, but most cases if your pooch is giving you a big wet sloppy kiss… he loves you.

4. Jumping

This unwanted behavior – your dog jumping up on you when you come home – may not be accepted, but still good to know the reason behind it. Your dog wants to come up to your level. As a pup, they learn to lick their mama’s face. Recognizing you as a parental figure, your dog wants to greet you by jumping up and attempting to get to that face of yours!

5. Ever Notice a Difference in Your Dog When You Are Ill?

Your dog might seem to act a bit different when you have come down with the flu, or even a cold. He might get clingy, or even worrisome. This is because he is concerned for you, and feels the need to watch over you.

6. Whether Your Dog Is Allowed on Your Bed or Not

It is still good to know that the reason Fido always wants up there, is because he instinctively feels the need to curl up and sleep with his pack. He sees you as part of his pack, and wants to lovingly snuggle you!

7. The Lean

Mostly common in medium to large breeds sized dogs, they tend to lean on your legs. Some think this is the dog trying to be dominant. However, dogs will lean on you to show affection.

8. Say Cheese!

Dogs do smile, just like we do, although not quite as obvious. If you know your pet well, it is not hard to see from his facial expression when he is upset, feeling playful, or feeling lovey dovey.

9. Rough Play

Undesirable, yes. But… your dog (generally) is not trying to hurt you, or be rough with you. Puppies play very rough with their litter mates as well as their mothers. Your dog is not trying to hurt you, just trying to play with the fam the way a dog knows best.

10. The Stare Down

When a dog locks eyes with you, some people still think that means they are challenging you. When in fact, they are showing you an extreme amount of love. Brian Hare, director of the Duke Canine Cognition Center tells us that oxytocin (a chemical released when new mothers and their babies instinctively bond) is also released when dogs stare at you, or even simply touch you.

Tell us, how does your dog show he loves you?

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