Dogs act out of spite. Or Dogs know they are being bad.

1 Dog Training Myth

As a dog trainer I hear it a lot. Owners believe that their dog, at one time or another, tries to get even with them after the owner does something that the dog doesn’t like or views as a punishment like…

  • keeping them in a crate1 Dog Training Myth
  • not taking the dog for a walk
  • jealousy over another dog
  • jealousy over a kid
  • physically hitting the dog

This is completely false.

Dogs do not know right from wrong, they are amoral. They only know if something/someone is safe, unsafe, or neutral. So, remember this the next time your dog jumps up on your side of the bed and pees on your pillow. The dog is not doing it to get back at you. They simply think it is safe to pee on the pillow or they do not want to pee on the floor where they spend most of their time at.

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jeff causbyJeffrey Causby, ABCDT

My name is Jeffrey Causby, ABCDT and I am  #1. Certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College. #2. AKC CGC Evaluator & AKC Trick dog evaluator #3. Professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers & The Pet Professional Guild. #4. In-house dog trainer/behaviorist at Prince Frederick Animal Hospital (MD) #5. Student at Karen Pryor Academy #6. Force Free Trainer. I teach positive only methods to owners in Maryland and dogs are my life. I eat, sleep, and drink dog training.

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