When Considering Relocating, Think About these Dog Friendly Locations

There are many great cities in this country of ours. Often, we are drawn to certain places because of family, weather, economy or for any number of other reasons. We thought it would be nice to consider cities that would be well suited for our dogs. Here is a short list of America’s most pet-friendly cities.

To help discover where dogs and their owners are most welcome, we measured the largest cities to see which offered the most park acreage, especially those tailored specifically for dogs, ample pet supply stores and the finest veterinarian services. This is what we came up with.

While cities like New York, Boston and Los Angeles offered an abundance of public park space, they all received low scores in other key categories. For example, New York is the most expensive place in terms of caring for your dog.

On the other hand, Colorado Springs ranked in the top ten in all categories. With over 10,000 acres of public park space, it offers just over a tenth of an acre for each dog in the city. Colorado Springs also features seven parks designated solely for dogs and over 110 veterinarians. Basically, a paradise for Rex.

Other cities that scored high are Portland, with an astounding 33 dog parks, Albuquerque, with 33,000 acres of public parks, and Asheville, NC, which just happens to allow leashed dogs on the majority of their nature trails.

We put Phoenix on the list for two reasons, the Diamondback’s annual “Bark in the Park” event, which enables Rex to be a part of our national pastime, and the fact Phoenix is home to the company that offers the finest quality dog seat covers.

If you are looking to relocate, consider one of these dog friendly cities!

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