Top 10 Most Energetic Dogs

Top 10 Most Energetic Dogs

I am a firm believer that not every dog is for every human. And what I mean by that is, all dogs are different. They differ from dog to dog, and from breed to breed.

Humans are the same. We are all different. So while a high energy breed such as a Siberian Husky might be a good fit for one person, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a good breed for everyone.

Today, I would like to focus more on the high energy breeds. I did some research, and compiled my own list of ‘top 10 most energetic dogs.’ For the humans out there who live particularly active lives.

10. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

9. Parson Russell Terrier

8. Airedale Terrier

7. Border Collie

6. Australian Shepherd

5. Irish Setter

4. English Springer Spaniel

3. Weimaraner

2. Blue Heeler

1. Siberian Husky

I do want to take some time to explain a bit about high energy dogs.

While they do generally require an active family, or home, having a high energy dog DOES NOT mean you have to go out and run, or jog with them every day twice a day. It DOES NOT mean that unless these dogs have acres and acres of land to run in, you should not have these breeds. What it means, is that you need to know your dog.

Knowing your dog, and knowing what they require to stay happy and healthy is key with any breed.

If you live in a smaller house, with a smaller yard, take your dog for plenty of walks. Give your dog plenty of mental stimulation as well as physical. Take trips to a fenced in area and let them run like crazy a few times a week. Throw a ball, teach them to chase it. Play nose works games with them, such as hide and seek with some healthy treats.

There are so many different ways to keep your dog exercised, aside from having to be a runner/jogger. And besides… having an active dog can really bring out the best in our families. Active dogs tend to keep their humans on their toes, and helps their lives become more active as well. And being more active? Well… that is never a bad thing.

Do you have an active dog, or a more laid back pooch?

Jenna Drady

Jenna Drady is the author and creator of She is a mother of two beautiful daughters and 3 Siberian Huskies. Being a husky mom for a long duration of her life, Jenna was inspired to begin writing about them. In doing so, she began doing massive research on dog behavior, and all things dog in general. Jenna is inspired every day by her family, and loves to bring her readers valuable information as well as a little humor too! Jenna has created her own business partnered with her lovely mother while blogging called Pawz N Clawz Jewelry N Things. They currently sell handmade jewelry with added pet charms, as well as a few dog toys too! As an animal rights activist, and huge believer in helping pets who have been stuck in shelters, they donate a portion of their sales to local shelters throughout Canada.

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