You’ve probably heard of at least a dozen dog rescue groups, but one Arizona-based group is taking saving canine lives to a new level.

Raven Pines Dog Rescue and Rehabilitation (RPDRR) helps at-risk dogs find sanctuary to heal, learn to trust and become strong in heart and mind again.

Saving puppies and older dogs from horrible living conditions or poor environments is the just the first step for the dedicated workers and volunteers at Raven Pines. With a peaceful touch, these caring individuals restore dogs through exercise, training, and structure, transforming the dogs into the best they can be.

The mission of RPDRR is to send dogs back into life as a partner, a friend and a loyal companion to a deserving home, and as a shining example for their individual breed.

Their motto: “Saving a life is not enough. The whole dog must be saved,” is the driving force behind the organization. Since, its inception in January 2011, RPDRR has rescued and rehabilitated many dogs.  They strive to save many more, one dog at a time.

4Knines is donating $200 to Raven Pines Dog Rescue and Rehabilitation to thank them for their outstanding work. Each month, we’ll choose another worthy dog charity to donate to. Rescues survive on donations please consider donating to RPDRR. To donate visit here.

To learn more about their mission, please follow them on Facebook here.

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