Traveling with your dog can be difficult, especially if you are having a tough time finding a dog-friendly hotel.

However, if you’re anything like us, you love taking new adventures with your furry best friend. That is why we did our research and scoured the internet for the top dog-friendly hotels.

We found that USA Today had a fairly comprehensive list that included hotel chains we have seen time and time again while searching for dog-friendly hotels. With the help of USA Today, we have picked a few of our favorite hotels that are sure to give your pup the star treatment.

Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton is a smaller boutique hotel chain, but their service is far from that of a small town hotel! This small hotel chain takes “pet-friendly” to a whole new level.

In fact, they not only accept dogs, but any kind of pet is welcome at Kimpton Hotels, at no extra charge. They also provide pet beds, as well as a list of local pet-friendly restaurants and parks. With amenities like these, it is no wonder why Kimpton has quickly become one of America’s favorite pet-friendly hotels.

Fairmont Hotels

Fairmont loves dogs! They even have a Canine Ambassador program. Different hotels locations have varying policies however, there are many locations that allow dogs to stay for no extra charge. Fairmont likes to shower their furry guests with treats, as well as provide them with comfy pet beds. Fairmont, you had us at “Canine Ambassador program.”

La Quinta

Of all of the major hotel chains, La Quinta is possibly the most accommodating when it comes to pets. Only four of their locations do not allow pets. Their pet-friendly locations allow up to 2 dogs or cats at no extra charge. Given the sheer number of pet-friendly locations, we had to include this on our list of favorites.

With so many pet-friendly hotels, there is no limit to where you and your pup can go. So, pack up the car, don’t forget your dog seat cover, and hit the open road. Go wherever the wind takes you and enjoy this adventure with your pup.

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