March Charity Spotlight on Amazing Aussies

March Charity Spotlight on Amazing Aussies

Amazing Aussies is a non-profit Arizona-based rescue dedicated to rescuing Lethal White Australian Shepherds and matching them with new forever families while raising awareness to eradicate merle-to-merle breeding through educational programs.

A Lethal White Aussie is the result of breeding two merle Aussies together, which results in a 25% chance of pups being born deaf and/or blind. Lethal White is a term considered by some to be derogatory, and is actually a misnomer because double-merle puppies are rarely born dead, nor do they die soon after birth. Indeed, if properly cared for, double-merle Aussies have a normal life span and can live a happy, healthy life, just like any other Aussie.

Amazing Aussies was founded in 2005 by Jim and Deana Kilgos along with their rescue partner, Lorraine Ayres. Jim and Deana credit a deaf/blind Australian Shepherd mix named Maggie for teaching them about Lethal Whites and ultimately inspiring them to start Amazing Aussies Rescue. In addition to Maggie and several other fosters, Jim and Deanna have welcomed several other Lethal White Aussies into their rescue family including Chica, who serves as Amazing Aussies’ Ambassador.

These dogs will absolutely steal your heart!

Their inspirational stories can be found on the Amazing Aussies Facebook page and in this heartwarming video showcasing many Amazing Aussies. In addition, dozens of “Happy Tails” success stories are shared on the Amazing Aussies website.

4Knines is proud to donate to this worthy non-profit and to shine a light on the great work Amazing Aussies is doing in Arizona. There are so many ways to help!  Please join us in supporting AMAZING AUSSIES by fostering or volunteering, through adoption, by donating a bed, or making a financial donation. You can also help by attending one of the many events in the Phoenix area.

We hope you will consider opening your homes and hearts to these sweet dogs.