January Charity Spotlight on Friends for Life

January Charity Spotlight on Friends for Life

Homeless and hungry, millions of stray dogs and feral cats are trying to survive another day in cities all over the country. Friends for Life Animal Rescue is dedicated to helping homeless and stray animals living on the streets and in the deserts in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Without an advocate, these animals will likely suffer starvation, illness, or injury as they try to survive alone.

Friends for Life began as Citizens for Tempe Strays in 1993 and quickly established a solid volunteer base and dedicated board of directors. Within two years, the organization was handling hundreds of adoptions. In 1996, the group moved into three buildings in Gilbert, AZ, and for 20 years now, hundreds of rescued animals have called these walls “home” – never having to roam the streets again – until they find a family of their own.

In addition to adoption services, Friends for Life pursues an aggressive spay/neuter program and for their animals and education for the public. Theoretically, two unaltered cats or two unaltered dogs and all their descendants can number in the hundreds of thousands in just six years.

The bold mission of Friends for Life is to significantly impact animal overpopulation through aggressive programs focusing on rescue, spay and neuter, adoptions, and education.

At their shelter in Gilbert, AZ and through a variety of community partners, Friends for Life offers a variety of services and resources, including a low cost spay/neuter program for eligible pet owners.

Many of the animals rescued by Friends for Life need extended care. The goal is to find a permanent loving home for every animal in their care, and Friends for Life place no time limit on finding the perfect home.

Friends for Life does not euthanize animals as a means of population control or convenience.

As with all non-profit organizations Friends for Life is powered by community volunteers and financial support to continue the good work they do. In fact, there is only ONE paid part-time on-site employee. Friends for Life is looking for adult and junior volunteers to serve as adoption counselors, caregivers, educators, and fundraisers. Financial donations are always appreciated to support veterinarian visits, surgeries, medication, and housing. There are MANY other ways to help as well including the purchase of DogVinci Artwork, sponsoring a dog or cat, or by donating goods and services found on the Friends for Life Wish List.

Each month, 4Knines highlights and donates to worthy charities, and this month we are proud to shine a light on the great accomplishments of Friends for Life Animal Rescue. Because we have the BEST customers who care deeply about the pet community, we hope you will consider donating to Friends for Life as well. You can learn more by visiting the Friends for Life website and Facebook page.

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