Dog Friendly Cities That You and Your Pup Should Explore Together

If you are thinking of doing some traveling this year consider some of these pet friendly destinations.  We understand that traveling with your dog can be difficult sometimes but these destinations provide some fun for both you and your fur babies. So, before you reserve a spot at your local kennel, take a look at our list of some of the most dog friendly cities.  You can also visit to find pet friendly hotels.


San Diego, CA- As if San Diego was not appealing enough with its beaches and endless amounts of sunshine, it is also one of our favorite cities because it is so dog friendly! There are 16 off-leash parks where your pup can run play as well as ice cream shops that offer sweet, dog friendly treats.

Portland, OR- Along with its amazing views and culture, Portland is also incredibly dog friendly! There are about 32 off-leash dog parks and several trails that you can your pup can venture down. Need a snack afterwards? There are a few local restaurants whose menus also cater to the furry residents.

Seattle, WA- Like Portland, we love Seattle for its amazing views and culture. However, our admiration for this city does not stop there. Seattle is another great place for dog friendly activities and outings. With about 11 different off-leash dog parks and more ice cream shops that offer dog friendly treats, your pup is sure to feel spoiled after a day of exploring this awesome city.

Austin, TX- Austin is known for is rich culture and history but did you know that it is also wonderfully accommodating to the city’s four-legged residents? Austin is home to about 18 off-leash dog parks and there is no shortage of ways to workout and get active with your pup.

Chicago, IL- When you think of dog friendly cities you probably do not think of the larger US cities, but Chicago isn’t just about the hustle and bustle. There are about 18 different off-leash dog parks and several dog friendly beaches. So, get out and take your pup for along for a day of exploring and excitement.

If you are thinking about doing some traveling, keep these cities in mind. You and your dog can have the perfect getaway. So, get your pup, get your car, and get your dog seat cover and head out for some adventure!

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