Dear Ana, You Will Be Missed

Dear Ana, You Will Be Missed

We had a heartbreaking and tragic loss of our Ana on Christmas Day. She had dilated cardiomyopathy and was on medication for quite some time. She was doing better, or so we thought, in the last couple days but her heart finally gave out. She was such a great dog and deserved to be here much longer.

Not only was Ana our beloved family member, but she was also the inspiration and face of our company 4Knines. You see Ana in all of our product pictures.  She also inspired the features and benefits of many of our products.

Ana had been through a lot during her time here. She had 2 back to back TPLO surgeries on both her legs for ruptured ACLs, arthritis in her lower back, problems with her teeth and the heart problem. Despite it all, she was a super happy girl. Especially in the mornings. She would always be ready to go with her feet tapping the ground anxious for breakfast and her walk.

Ana lived to run. It was the best part of her day. Whether she was chasing a Kong and playing tug of was with her brother or running after a ball, she would go all day if we let her. At home, she was a little love bug. Always ready to curl up and get some rubbing while looking at you with her loving eyes. She trusted us completely no matter what. She hated the vet but would always let us or the vet do whatever treatment was needed as long as we were there with her.

Ana was such a big part of our lives in every way. When our twins were born in November, we weren’t sure how she would react but she was so gentle with them and always protective when other people would be around them. I wish the girls had more time to know Ana.

I hope there are a lot of Kongs and balls in heaven!  Now that Ana is no longer in pain and her heart is fixed, I can’t image how much fun she will have.

The things I will remember most about Ana are her loving eyes, how her little nub would wag right before you threw a ball and how happy she was every morning.

We will miss you and love you always Ana. 


Mom and Dad

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