August Charity Spotlight on Dogs for Heroes

August Charity Spotlight on Dogs for Heroes

The mission of Dogs for Heroes is to rescue pit bulls and train them as companion and service dogs for honorably discharged veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).

As a combat veteran himself, Andrew P. Hoskins, the founder of Dogs for Heroes, understands the effects of PTSD on everyday life and relationships with family and friends. Andrew and the volunteers at Dogs for Heroes consider it an honor to help “Save Veterans, One Pit at a Time.”

Based in Illinois with chapters across the country, Dogs for Heroes partners with rescues to identify specific dogs (pit bulls and other Molosser breeds) as potential candidates for service training. Prior to acceptance into the program, all dogs are assessed by a veterinarian and must pass thorough temperament testing to ensure the safety of veterans with whom the dogs are eventually placed. Once dogs are accepted into the program, Dogs for Heroes volunteers provide training to include socialization with other dogs and the general public. When the dog successfully completes basic training and is placed with a qualified veteran, a specialized, ongoing training program is developed for both the dog and the veteran focusing on the individual needs of the veteran.

Pit bulls who are unable to complete the training or service for any reason are not returned to animal shelters or pounds. Every effort is made to find safe, “forever” homes for these dogs.

All dogs who join the Dogs for Heroes family are cared for financially, ethically, morally, and physically from the cradle to the grave.

One such dog, Nalla (the official ambassador of Dogs for Heroes), is a pit bull who vows “Honor, Virtue, and Faithful to my family no matter what.” Pits are the most euthanized breed of dog in the country, and by saving the lives of countless dogs with the work they do, the volunteers at Dogs for Heroes, along with the veterans they serve, are true heroes in our book!

Dogs for Heroes provide each veteran/canine team with a welcome basket that  includes a collar, leash, and training vest. Upon successful completion of the program, the veteran selects a customized service vest for the fully-trained canine partner.

The total cost to the veteran for the entire program from start to finish is ZERO! This is all made possible by donations and volunteers.

Dogs for Heroes is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. This program is not affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs and receives no funding from them for this program. This month, Dogs for Heroes is holding a special fundraiser to help raise much-needed funds!  There are other ways to help as well!

Each month, 4Knines donates to a group serving the canine community. This month, 4Knines is proud to donate to the efforts of a group serving both the canine and the veteran community. One of the owners of 4Knines, Maggie, is a dog lover and a proud Navy veteran, so this group is near and dear to her heart. Please consider making a donation to help Dogs for Heroes continue “SAVING VETERANS, ONE PIT AT A TIME.”

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