April Charity Spotlight on Dobies and Little Paws Rescue

April Charity Spotlight on Dobies and Little Paws Rescue

When dogs are rescued from Dobies and Little Paws Rescue, their new owners are reminded of the following: Please Remember… if, at any time in the future, even years later, you are unable to keep your dog, we want the dog back!

What a beautiful promise! As these lucky dogs leave Dobies and Little Paws Rescue to join their new families, they leave with the promise that they will be taken care of, no matter what.

Of course, Dobies and Little Paws Rescue does everything possible to make sure their dogs are paired with a perfect owner, and they have lots of practice! Since 1987, Ardis Braun and her small army of dedicated volunteers and staff members have successfully placed more than 10,000 dogs with new families. Operating out of a small ranch in rural Fillmore, California, Dobies and Little Paws Rescue is a no-kill, nonprofit sanctuary specializing in rehabilitating and rehoming Doberman Pinschers and small, mixed breed dogs.

As a no-kill sanctuary, Dobies and Little Paws Rescue does not euthanize any unadopted dog. At any given time, potential rescuers can search their website to become better acquainted with approximately 50 Doberman Pinschers and as many as 20 other mixed-breed dogs who are waiting for new homes. They even have a page dedicated to celebrating seniors.

Dobies and Little Paws Rescue offers an “Open House” every Saturday where potential rescuers can spend some time selecting their new furry friend and completing the adoption process.

Rescuing a Dog From Dobies and Little Paws Rescue Comes With Three Important Advantages:

  1. The dog’s temperament is generally better known.
  2. The dog is believed to be free of serious disease such as distemper and parvovirus
  3. The dog has a safe place to return to in the event the adoption does not work out as anticipated. Dobies and Little Paws Rescue ALWAYS take their dogs back for any reason whatsoever.

As with all nonprofits, Dobie and Little Paws Rescue relies on the kindness of volunteers and the generosity of donors. Each month, 4Knines selects a worthy organization to “spotlight,” and we hope you will join us in supporting Dobies and Little Paws Rescue with your donation. There are many other ways to help including volunteering, fostering, and purchasing merchandise or “wish list” items.

If you want to learn more about Dobies and Little Paws, please visit Facebook and Instagram pages and check out their quarterly newsletters.

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