A Personal Story: Trust Your Intuition When It Comes to Your Dog’s Health

A Personal Story: Trust Your Intuition When It Comes to Your Dog’s Health

Last week was a rough week for 4Knines…

We were dog sitting my mom’s Great Dane Riley who is an expert counter surfer.  We know this, therefore, whenever we leave the house we make sure there is no food or tempting items on the counter.  However, we never even thought about putting up a pill bottle that was on the counter. Our Doberman Ana has incontinence issues and is on a medication to help her. We leave it on the counter right next to their food bowls so that we remember to give it to her.  Well, since we have a doggy cam, we know as soon as we left the house, Riley pulled down the bottle and proceeded to destroy it and eat the contents.  It’s a big bottle like a big vitamin bottle.  Thankfully there were not that many pills left in it.

By the time we got home the only thing left of the bottle was the label. I immediate called the vet who told me to induce vomiting in the Great Dane by giving her 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.  The effect was immediate and I thought we were all in the clear.  For the next couple of days everything was fine.

Then our male Doberman Ares started acting funny, he was sluggish on his walks and just didn’t seem like himself. Five days after the bottle incident he threw up his breakfast and there was a tiny piece of the white bottle in it.

Then he refused to go for his walk that morning, something that has never happened in his 5 years. I knew something must be really wrong.  Off to the vet we went.

They took an Xray and said they could see pieces of the bottle and because his stomach was so tender they were going to have to operate.

They ended up finding 3 large ragged pieces of the bottle still in his stomach.  They had been there for 5 days irritating his stomach. He spent the night in ICU and was able to come home the following night.



We thought we would share with the community a few take away lessons we have learned this week:

  1. Clear the counters when leaving the house. You just never know when you dog may decide he wants something off them.
  2. You know your dog. If they do not see to be acting right, get them checked out.  We would have gladly paid a vet bill for them to tell us everything was ok.
  3. Thunder Shirts can be a life saver. (We have no affiliation with them. It has really helped to keep Ares from his incision.)  Ares does NOT do well in the cone of shame. He just keeps trying to ram into everything to get it off.  Thank heavens for the Thunder Shirt, which covers most of the large incision on his stomach so that he is not able to lick it.
  4. Take a moment and give your pups some lovethey are only here for a short time and you never know what can happen.

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